Linear Equations in two variables-Sample Papers

Time: 45 minutes
MM: 25
1.  What types of lines do the pair of equations x=c and y=c represent graphically? (1).
2.  A boat is moving at the rate of 5km/h in still water, takes thrice as much as time in going 40 km upstream as in going 40 km downstream. Find the speed of the stream. (3).
3.  Find the value of m, when (m+1)x=3ky+15=0 and 5x+ky+5=0 are coincident. (3)
4.  Write the pair of linear equations which have solutions x=2, y=-2. (1)
5.  Solve it on a graph 4x-3y+4=0, 4x+3y-24=0. (3)
6.  If we have two variables x and y when x=a and y=b is the solution of equations x-y=2 and x+y=4, then what will be the value of a and b. (3)
7.  Use cross multiplication method to solve ax+bx=a-b, bx-ay=a+b. (3)
8.  Whether this pair of linear equations is consistent. Find x-2y=6, 3x-6y=0. (1)
9.  A number is a two digit number which is three times more than 4 times the sum of the digits. If 18 is added to the number, the digits gets opposite. Represent geometrically. (4)
10.  The addition of numerator and denominator of a fraction is three less than twice the denominator. If the numerator and denominator are decreased by 1, the numerator becomes half the denominator. Find the fraction. (3)