Quadratic Equations-Important Questions

Class X Math
HOTS for Arithmetic Progressions
1.    Find the ‘6th’ term of the A.P.:
2.    If the numbers a, b, c, d and e form an A.P., then find the value of a – 4b + 6c – 4d + e.
3.    If is the arithmetic mean between ‘a’ and ‘b’, then, find the value of ‘n’.
4.    If pth term of an A.P. is prove that the sum of the first ‘pq’ terms is
5.    If are in A.P., prove that a2, b2, c2 are also in A.P.
6.    Solve the equation:
         1 + 4 + 7 + 10 + ... + x = 287
7.    Find three numbers in A.P. whose sum is 21 and their product is 231.
8.    Find p and q such that: 2p, 2p, q, p + 4q, 35 are in AP
9.    If are three consecutive terms of an AP, find the value of a.
10.    For what value of p, are (2p – 1), 7 and three consecutive terms of an AP?