Marketing Management-Important Questions


CHAPTER 11: Marketing Management

  1. Why marketing is called social process and also discuss its features?
  2. Briefly discuss the different concepts of marketing?
  3. Name the marketing function which is concerned with the cost and the location of the target market?
  4. We should keep some characteristics in mind while choosing a brand name. Explain some of the characteristics briefly.
  5. Explain any 5 factors that affect the determination of price of product?
  6. Explain the following functions of marketing:-
    1. Customer value
    2. Exchange mechanism
    3. Creating a marketing offering
  7. Advertising is one of the frequent medium used by the company for promoting the products, but advertising comes with some objections. Discuss any 3 objections?
  8. Write advantages of branding of product?
  9. What are the different components of physical distribution?
  10. What is marketing management? Discuss its features.