Principles of Management-Important Questions


CHAPTER 2: Principles of Management

  1. Explain the nature of principles of management?
  2. What do you mean by optimum utilization of resources & effective administration?
  3. Discuss the following principles briefly:-
    1. Division of work
    2. Discipline
    3. Subordination of individual Interest to general interest
  4. Write the difference between unity of command and unity of direction?
  5. What does principle of initiative indicates?
  6. A manager should replace ‘I’ with ‘We’ in all his conversation with workers. Which principle of management states that? Explain it briefly.
  7. Briefly discuss science not rule of thumb and Harmony not discord as the principles of scientific management?
  8. Why Taylor introduced different rate of wage payment for those who performed above and below standard performance?
  9. Explain functional foremanship as a technique of scientific management?
  10. Define scalar chain as a principle of management?