Consumer Protection-Important Questions


CHAPTER 12: Consumer Protection

  1. ‘Sumit wants to buy a chocolate. As an aware customer how can he be sure about the quality of chocolate he plans to buy’?
  2. Explain the importance of consumer protection from the point of view as consumers?
  3. State any 2 directions which can be issued by the consumer court to opposite party if it is satisfied about the genuiness of the complaint?
  4. Explain any 5 rights of the consumer?
  5. State any 3 functions performed by non- government organization for consumer protection?
  6. Explain 5 ways and means of consumer protection followed in India?
  7. What are the remedies available to consumer under consumer protection Act 1986? Discuss.
  8. Briefly explain the meaning of ‘consumer” with reference to consumer protection act, 1986.
  9. What are the situations/cases in which a complaint can be lodged by the consumer to claim compensation under consumer protection act?