Consumer Protection-MCQ


CHAPTER 12: Consumer Protection

  1. Rights of consumer are protected under ___________
    (a) Consumer protection 1986
    (b) Consumer protection 1990
    (c) Consumer protection 1982
    (d) Consumer protection 1991

  2. The consumer has the right to get compensation against unfair trade practices under right to
    (a) Right to choose
    (b) Right to seek redressal
    (c) Right to safety
    (d) Right to safety

  3. Which of the following are the ways and means of consumer protection?
    (a) Self-regulation by the business
    (b) Business associations
    (c) Government
    (d) All of the above

  4. ______ is the standardized mark on jewellery
    (a) ISI
    (b) FPO
    (c) Hallmark
    (d) CERC

  5. _______ are made to hear complaints of the value less than 5 lakhs.
    (a) Consumer forum at district level
    (b) State commission
    (c) National commission
    (d) None of the above

  6. Which of the following is not an organization working for consumer protection?
    (a) Consumer VOICE
    (b) Consumer forum
    (c) The bureau of Indian standard
    (d) Consumer utility & trust society

Answer Keys

1 a 2 b 3 d 4 c 5 a 6 b