Improvement in Food Resources-MCQ

Improvement in Food Resources
1.  Using fertilizers in farming is an example of
       I.  No cost production
      II.  Low cost production
     III.  High cost production
     IV.  None of these
2.  Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are examples of
       I.  Micro-nutrients
      II.  Macro-nutrients
     III.  Fertilizers
     IV.  Both I and II
3.  Cyperinus and Parthenium are types of
       I.  Diseases
      II.  Pesticides
     III.  Weeds
     IV.  Pathogens
4.  Mullets, prawns, mussels are examples of
       I.  Marine fishes
      II.  Fresh-water fishes
     III.  Finned fishes
     IV.  Shell fish
5.  What is the other name for Apis cerana indica?
       I.  Indian cow
      II.  Indian buffalo
     III.  Indian bee
     IV.  None of these
6.  The management and production of fish is called
       I.  Pisciculture
      II.  Apiculture
     III.  Sericulture
     IV.  Aquaculture
7.  Rohu and catla are types of
       I.  Freshwater fish
      II.  Marine water fish
     III.  Both I and II
     IV.  None of these
8.  Pasturage is related to
       I.  Cattle
      II.  Fishery
     III.  Apiculture
     IV.  Sericulture
9.  What is the process of growing two or more crops in a definite pattern?
       I.  Crop rotation
      II.  Inter-cropping
     III.  Mixed cropping
     IV.  Organic cropping
10.  Leghorn is related to
       I.  Apiculture
      II.  Dairy farming
     III.  Pisciculture
     IV.  Poultry
     1.    III
     2.    II
     3.    III
     4.    I
     5.    III
     6.    I
     7.    I
     8.    III
     9.    II
     10.  IV