Natural Resources-MCQ


1.   The micro-organisms which helps in formation of soil is
        a. Bacteria
        b. Moss
        c. Lichen
        d. B and c
2.   Burning of fossil fuels add
        a. CO2, SO2, NO2, gases in air
        b. C, SO2, N2, gases in air
        c. CO, SO3, NO3, gases in air
        d. CH4, CO2, NO2, gases in air
3.   Greenhouse gases are
        a. Industries
        b. Rhizobium
        c. Lightening
        d. All of the above
4.   Nitrogen fixation can be done by
        a. Industries
        b. Rhizobium
        c. Lightening
        d. All of the above
5.   Atmosphere maintain the temperature of earth because
        a. It contains water vapor
        b. It hold air, which is bad conductor of heat
        c. It reflects the heat rays
        d. It absorbs the heat rays
6.   Molecules of proteins contain
        a. Carbon
        b. Nitrogen
        c. Oxygen
        d. All of these
7.   Life cannot sustain on Mars and Venus because major component in atmosphere is
        a. Oxygen
        b. Carbon dioxide
        c. Nitrogen
        d. Ozone
8.   On moon the temperature ranges from -190° C to 110° C. This is due to
        a. No water bodies present
        b. Water bodies present
        c. No bio geo chemical cycle
        d. No atmosphere
9.   Depletion of ozone molecules in the stratosphere is due to
        a. Chlorine compound
        b. Fluorine compound
        c. Halogen compound
        d. None of these
10.   The life supporting zone of the earth is
        a. Lithosphere
        b. Hydrosphere
        c. Atmosphere
        d. Biosphere
        1.   C
        2.   A
        3.   D
        4.   D
        5.   B
        6.   D
        7.   B
        8.   D
        9.   C
        10. D