Why do we fall ill-MCQ

Why do we fall ill?
Multiple choice Questions
1.  Larynx is called
        a. Voice box
        b. Music box
        c. Respiratory organ
        d. None of these
1.   The disease that affects our lungs is
        a. AIDS
        b. Rabies
        c. Polio
        d. Tuberculosis
2.   The BCG vaccine is given for the immunity against
        a. Hepatitis
        b. Jaundice
        c. Tuberculosis
        d. Malaria
3.   Malaria is caused due to
        a. Protozoa
        b. Anopheles mosquito
        c. Both a and b
        d. None of these
4.   Plasmodium is an example of
        a. Virus
        b. Bacteria
        c. Protozoa
        d. Worm
5.   Diarrhea, cholera, typhoid are the diseases that have one thing in common that is
        a. All of them are caused by bacteria
        b. All of them is transmitted by contaminated food and water
        c. All of them are cured by antibiotics
        d. All of the above
6.   The bacteria among the following is
        a. Plasmodium
        b. Trypanosome
        c. Rabies virus
        d. Salmonella typhi
7.   HIV virus attacks one of the following cells in our body
        a. Red blood cells
        b. White blood cells
        c. Liver cell
        d. Long cell
8.   The pathogens od disease are
        a. Bacteria
        b. Virus
        c. Protozoa
        d. All of the above
9.   Penicillin is a drug that can
        a. Interfere in the biological pathway of bacteria
        b. An antibiotic that can kill bacteria
        c. Both a and b
        d. None of the above
10.   The disease caused due to worm is
        a. Tetanus
        b. Rabies
        c. Sleeping sickness
        d. Filariasis
1.    D
2.    C
3.    C
4.    C
5.    D
6.    B
7.    D
8.    C
9.    D
10. D