Structure of Atom-Important Questions

Class IX Science
HOTS for Structure of the Atom
1.   An atom has atomic number 12, what is its valency and name the element?
2.   Name two elements with same number of protons and neutrons?
3.   Name the isootope used for treatment of cancer.
4.    What does this symbol represent?
5.   Draw the atomic structure of (i) an atom with same number of sub-atomic particles, (ii) an atom with same number of electrons in L and M shell.
6.   What is an octate? Why would atoms want to complete their octate?
7.   Find the valency of
8.   What are nucleons? What is the name given to those atoms which have same number of nucleons in it?
9.   Give the difference between three sub-atomic particles.
10.   Give the names of three atomic species of hydrogen.