Forces and Laws of Motion-Sample Questions

Sample Paper
Forces and Laws of Motion
1.  What do you mean by law of conservation of momentum?
2.  Why do roads on mountains have inward inclination at sharp turns?
3.  Why is it dangerous to jump out of a moving bus?
4.  How do safety belts of cars help in preventing accidents?
5.  Explain how momentum gets conserved in collision of two bodies?
6.  How are Newton�s three laws of motion related?
7.  Explain inertia and momentum in detail.
8.  Define force and its various types. What is its unit?
9.  Give three examples exhibiting inertia in our daily life
10.  What change will a force bring in a body?
11.  From a rifle of mass 5kg, a bullet of mass 50gram is fired with an initial velocity of 50m/s. Calculate the initial recoil velocity of the rifle.
12.  Explain how Newton�s second law of motion is used in sports?
13.  Why does one get hurt on jumping from a great height to the floor?
14.  What is a balanced force?