Gravitation-Sample Questions

1.  Which force is responsible for stability of our universe?
2.  Which force is required to maintain a body in uniform circular motion?
3.  What is gravity?
4.  How is the weight of an object related to its mass?
5.  Mass of boy on earth is 40kg, what is the mass on the moon?
6.  What is the effect of shape of earth on value of ‘g’?
7.  Why do we feel uneasy when ferry wheels moves downwards?
8.  Derive formula of universal law of gravitation.
9.  The acceleration of a freely falling body does not depend on the mass of the body. Prove this.
10.  Establish relationship between ‘g’ and ‘G’.
11.  Show that the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of moon is about 1/6 of that at the surface of the earth.
12.  What is centripetal force? Define it with example.
13.  With what force will body of mass 1kg get attracted to the earth?
14.  Calculate the value ‘g’, acceleration due to gravity.