Sound-Sample Questions

1.   What is one Hz?
2.   What is the time period of sound wave?
3.   What is the minimum distance required to hear distinct echo?
4.   Why does sound become faint with distance?
5.   Give two applications of echo.
6.   Distinguish between tone, note, and noise.
7.   A sound has 13 crests and 15 troughs in 3 seconds. When the second crest is produced the first is 2cm away from the source? Calculate
        a. The wavelength
        b. The frequency
        c. The wave speed
8.   Explain structure of the human ear with the help of diagram.
9.   Given that sound travels in air at 340m/sec, find the wavelength of the waves in air produced by 20 kHz sound source. If the some source is put in a water tank, what would be the wavelength of the sound waves in water?
        Speed od sound in water is 1480m/s