Work and Energy-Sample Questions

Class IX Science
Sample Paper for Work and Energy
1.   Define work.
2.   What is the unit of work done?
3.   Name 2 types of potential energy.
4.   Name the energy stored when a rubber band is stretched?
5.   What is gravitational potential energy?
6.   Differentiate between potential energy and kinetic energy.
7.   How is work and energy related to each other?
8.   What is potential energy? Explain different types of potential energy.
9.   Explain the following:
       (a) An object increases its energy when raised through a height.
       (b) Energy is neither created nor destroyed then from where dowe get energy.
       (c) When we push the wall, the wall does not move and no work is done.
10.   State and explain one example where (i) Kinetic energy is present in a body and is used; and (ii) Potential energy is present in a body is used.