So much focus directs on MBA entrance exams that most students in the industry are not given enough time to prepare o WAT/GD-PI. With a chunk 60% to 70% weighted across IIMs and Non-IIMs, WAT/GD-PI, preparation at Career Launcher Gr.Noida begins the day a student enrolls. Added to it comes knowledge sessions that run parallel with the CAT program. Interview is an innerview of the applicant. Though no one can go wrong with a personal introduction, most do go wrong. It's the fear of facing questions, something that can't be worked on after CAT. The typical interview is the last step towards get admission. Thus it will always be the toughest, without exceptions. At the same time, the panel is not there to reject candidates. At CL we take students through personality development sessions, English language therapy programs and public speaking. Group Discussion is not an exercise to test one's knowledge on a particular topic, though added knowledge is always marked positively. GD is always about a person's listening skills, argument skills, control of emotion when countered, and definitely, presentation of argument within very time. One maybe decide to drive the GD by opening it, or may conclude the GD by summarizing. Though, summarizing takes to have more control on the discussion. Finally, YOU must SPEAK. At Career Launcher, students are made to take initiative of sometimes conducting topics in class and getting challenged. Such exercises along with numerous PDP sessions build a candidates knowledge and confidence to ace to admission process.