Is it worth dropping a year to prepare for the CLAT?

If you manage to get in top 3 NLU, yes it is worth dropping a year for CLAT. Few scenarios: 1. You appeared for CLAT previously. Now in this case, before you decided on taking the CLAT again, some introspection is required from your end. Honestly assess your preparation and the scores obtained. Do you think you could have had a better performance if you had prepared better? Or is it that you gave CLAT your best shot? If the answer to the first question is affirmative, then go for CLAT once gain. Else, you have the answer. There is no point in going through the entire process again and end up improving your scores marginally. Competitive exams are all about knowing your strengths. You need to play according to your strengths. Quickly analyze your previous attempt with CLAT. Figure out your strengths and consolidate. Gradually work on your weaker areas and try eliminating them (at least minimise). While preparing for CLAT again, probably, you should be focussing more on your section tests & Mocks. Continue reading with General Awareness stuff. Dropping a year and preparing for CLAT will also mean tremendous amount of pressure. Stakes are going to be high now. You may probably be better advised to join a regular College for pursuing your graduation and simultaneously preparing for CLAT. Besides CLAT, it will be prudent to take few more law entrance exams as backup options. It is always better to have options to choose from just in case.... 2. You have not appeared for CLAT. Well in this case, I am assuming that you have decided on law as a career option a bit late. In this scenario it will be advisable to join a coaching class to get through the rigour of preparing for CLAT. A weekend batch will do justice to your requirements. Besides your classes on weekends, remember to put in 10 – 12 hours during the weekdays. You can join in Career Launcher for a year long course. Class room teaching at Career Launcher is worth attending. Faculty are truly helpful. Study material provided is relevant & concise. Besides, through the Aspiration Zone, you will get access to more than 5000 questions in Test Gym. Also you have 70 + All India Mocks on various Law Entrance Exams. The analytics to the mocks are amazing. Lot of reading material is available. Manthan – Current Affairs supplement is a must read. Do join a regular College in this period. At least, you will not have a gap in your education. In either of the scenarios, dropping a year for CLAT is worth if you end up in top 3 NLU. Yes, this will require good amount of dedication and self discipline. Wish you all the very best!!!