5 WAYS TO LEARN CLAT EFFECTIVELY Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is an entrance examination held all over the India for the students who wish to choose law as a career conducted by the National law colleges and university. It provides admission to under-graduate and post graduation degree programs (L.L.M and L.L.B). As we all know that studying law is big deal for any student, they have to study each and every topic thoroughly as it is a really challenging profession. As it is a difficult course to opt for, many students dont go for these courses. So we try to teach the students with in depth knowledge of how to crack this entrance exam in great detail. 1. Thoroughly go through the syllabus Before studying any topic the very first thing we do is see what topic is to be covered? Which topic should be given more attention or which topic to focus on? Every topic is important in its own way. Suppose for studying CLAT there are five major subjects to be study i.e. English, general knowledge and current affairs, mathematics, logical reasoning and legal aptitude. Like for English: Reading comprehension, Idioms and phrases, Conjunctions, Spellings, Synonyms, Para jumbles these are some of the important topics to be dealt with and see the usage of these in sentences. In mathematics: To test the candidates aptitude certain topics like profit and loss, Simple and compound interest, Percentage, ratio and proportion, number system, time and distance, etc. For general knowledge topics like current affairs, geography, important dates and current news is to be studied. Legal aptitude is something that covers the topic like corporate law, criminal law, family law and legal principles. 2. Time allotment to different subjects Managing time is the most important thing one should focus on. Whichever topic seems more difficult should be given more time. A student should atleast study for 8 hours a day if they want to crack the exam with good score. One can study in small intervals with leisure breaks like for mathematics one should practice for atleast 3 hours. Another 2/3 hours should be given to some other subject like logical reasoning. 3. Testing yourself After completing your studies for the day one should see whether he/she got the topic or not. Conducting a mock test for ourselves will help us determine which topic has been prepared clearly and which topic should be given more attention. This can be done on daily basis or weekly basis. 4. Get proper sleep One should follow the concept of early to bed early to rise. Getting a proper hour of sleep is as important as studying. Proper sleep will keep your mind fresh and help get what you study. 5. Prepare Notes Preparing notes will help you cover important topics. Properly jot down the points and study from your own material. It is better to study from your own notes than from the books. These are some of the effective ways that will help a student score good in a CLAT exam.