7 COMMON MISTAKES EVERYONE MAKES IN CLAT EXAM HOW TO RECTIFY THESE MISTAKES? The pressure for preparing for entering into a top-tier national law university is quite overwhelming. But you cannot determine what the ultimate result of the test is going to be by worrying about it. It is better to try to work out what is in your control and let all the other things fall in place as they are supposed to. The only thing you have to worry about is your preparations. Certain mistakes are made while preparing for CLAT, by the aspirants like not practicing enough, neglecting negative marking, not revising your material and so on. Here are the list of 7 mistakes that candidate make in CLAT exam are 1. NOT PRACTICING ENOUGH Practice makes a man perfect is a common phrase used while preparing for anything. A CLAT aspirant should practice enough so that he/she could get good marks in their exam. It is a common misapprehension that exams are conducted to test your knowledge, all competitive exams does not test how much you know but how well you can perform in an exam. Therefore a student should not focus on learning everything, but how much you can solve in a set time. Therefore, we should try to deal with the questions in minimum time. And remember, we should always practice to our fullest to achieve the desired score. 2. AVOID STARTING THE PAPER WITH TOUGH QUESTION The very first thing while solve the test is go through the questions. We differentiate between the tough and easy questions. Tough questions takes time to solve, therefore one should avoid solving the tough questions first and rather focus on those questions which take little time to solve. Solving easy questions will give you time to solve the other remaining questions. 3. NEGLECTING NEGATIVE MAKING Candidates should avoid giving wild guesses, as it may cause them loosing marks for correct answers too. Many candidates are victims of blind guesses. Therefore candidates should answer those questions which they are sure about. And it is advisable to practice all your test and mocks with negative marking. There is a deduction of 0.25 marks for one wrong answer. It is important to note that 0.25 deduction from your score makes a huge difference in your rank. 4. REFERRING TOO MANY SOURCES FOR SAME INFORMATION CLAT is an examination conducted for the students after the completion of their 12th therefore it doesnt require an in-depth knowledge of anything. CLAT test the basic general knowledge of English, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning and current affairs. So one should not choose to study from number of sources, just keep your information sources limited and try to practice from those. Referring to different sources is time consuming so rather on wasting time on them one should focus on the limited but effective source. 5. LEARNING ON THE D-DAY As said before that preparation of CLAT requires time and it focuses on the day to day knowledge. Learning about the day to day things cannot be grasped in a day. Therefore cramming general knowledge facts right before the exams is not beneficial. And students should start their preparation as early as possible. Avoid mugging up the information in one day should be avoided. 6. DONT PANIC AND MANAGE YOUR TIME PROPERLY Managing your time properly is an important thing while giving your CLAT exam, many students spend majority of their time after a question which requires time. This is common mistake one should avoid while giving an exam. Also CLAT aspirants should keep themselves calm and answer the questions. 7. NOT FOLLOWING YOUR TIMETABLE Usually first timers do not study according to their timetable, which demotes their rank. So candidates must put a habit of practicing according to their timetable. As the CLAT exam is conducted after the completion of the 12th board, students mostly focus on their board exams neglecting the preparations of CLAT, this mistake should not be made and equal attention should be given to the preparation of CLAT as it is given to the preparation of their boards.