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CL Team December 08 2023
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CLAT 2024 Examination Analysis

The CLAT 2024 Examination Analysis

The CLAT 2024 examination, a national-level entrance test for UG and PG law courses, unfolded on December 3rd from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM across the country. This article provides a detailed analysis of the examination, shedding light on the revised structure, student reactions, and section-wise breakdown.

CLAT 2024 Overview

The CLAT 2024 paper underwent a significant change, featuring only 120 questions instead of the usual 150. Despite this reduction, the overall sentiment among students is positive. The paper's ease and lack of challenging sections hint at potentially higher cut-off scores.

Student Reactions

Students who appeared for CLAT 2024 expressed contentment with the paper's simplicity compared to previous years. No section posed significant difficulties, setting a favorable tone for the aspirants.

Expected Cut-offs

With the examination's ease, expectations arise for higher cut-off scores. The top 3 National Law Universities (NLUs) are anticipated to set cut-offs around 88-90, while mid-level NLUs may hover around 75-78.

CLAT 2024 Analysis: Section-Wise Breakdown

a. Reading Comprehension

The English section featured 24 questions distributed across 4 passages. Questions were straightforward and contextual, making 20-23 attempts advisable. A good score in this section could range from 20-21.

b. General Knowledge

With 28 questions based on 5 passages, the General Knowledge section covered diverse topics like Chandrayaan-3, G-20 Summit, and the Israel-Hamas conflict. A balanced attempt of 25-26 questions is recommended, aiming for a good score of 23-25.

c. Legal Reasoning

Five passages in this section focused on current legal updates, covering topics like the Data Protection Act and Juvenile Justice. Deemed "easy," an attempt of 28-30 is considered good, with a target score of 25-26.

d. Logical Reasoning

Featuring 24 questions across 4 passages, the Logical Reasoning section emphasized conceptual understanding. Questions were straightforward but options proved confusing. Aim for 20-21 attempts, with a good score ranging from 19-20.

e. Quantitative Aptitude

A surprise for students, this section presented mostly easy questions on topics like ratio and proportion. Although calculations were a bit lengthy, an attempt of 10-11 is considered good, targeting a score around 9-10.


CLAT 2024, marked by its ease and student-friendly structure, is poised to influence admission outcomes. Aspirants are encouraged to use this analysis to estimate their performance and plan their next steps accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many questions were there in CLAT 2024?

A: CLAT 2024 featured 120 questions.

Q: What is the expected cut-off for top NLUs?

A: Anticipated cut-offs for the top 3 NLUs are around 88-90.

Q: Which section had the most straightforward questions?

A: The Reading Comprehension section had simple and contextual questions.

Q: How was the difficulty level of CLAT 2024 compared to previous years?

A: CLAT 2024 was considered easier than its predecessors.

Q: What topics were covered in the General Knowledge section?

A: General Knowledge questions spanned topics like Chandrayaan-3, G-20 Summit, and the Israel-Hamas conflict.