CLAT Exam Pattern: Understanding the Sections and Time Allocation.

CL Team August 30 2023
1 min read
The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a highly competitive examination that opens doors to some of the most prestigious law schools in India. To excel in this exam, it's crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of its exam pattern, including the various sections and the allocation of time for each. In this article, we'll break down the CLAT exam pattern, helping you navigate through its components effectively. The CLAT Exam Pattern: The CLAT exam comprises multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is conducted in an online mode. It consists of five primary sections: English Language General Knowledge and Current Affairs Elementary Mathematics Legal Reasoning Logical Reasoning Understanding the Time Allocation: Time management is a critical aspect of succeeding in any competitive exam. Let's explore the time allocation for each section of the CLAT exam. English Language (20 minutes): This section assesses your proficiency in English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. Questions are designed to evaluate your understanding of passages, sentence correction, and language usage. Allocate around 20 minutes to attempt this section, ensuring that you read the questions carefully before answering. General Knowledge and Current Affairs (20 minutes): This section tests your awareness of current events, general knowledge, and contemporary issues. Allocate around 20 minutes to read and answer questions related to national and international affairs, static GK, and recent developments. Elementary Mathematics (20 minutes): The mathematics section assesses your grasp of basic mathematical concepts. Questions range from topics like percentages, averages, ratios, and proportions. Allocate around 20 minutes to solve mathematical problems accurately and efficiently. Legal Reasoning (45 minutes): This test evaluates your command of the English language's grammar, vocabulary, and understanding.. Questions may involve legal propositions, legal facts, and case-based scenarios. Allocate around 45 minutes to carefully read and analyze the given information before providing answers. Logical Reasoning (45 minutes): Logical reasoning assesses your analytical and critical thinking skills. Patterns, analogies, logical progressions, and deductive reasoning are all used in questions. Allocate around 45 minutes to navigate through these questions, focusing on clear reasoning and problem-solving. Total Time Allocation: The CLAT exam has a total duration of 2 hours. With the aforementioned time allocation for each section, you'll have an effective plan to manage your time during the exam. Remember that practicing mock tests and timed exercises can help you refine your time management skills and improve your overall performance. Summary: Understanding the CLAT exam pattern and allocating time effectively for each section is a crucial step towards achieving success in this competitive examination. With comprehensive preparation and the right strategy, you can excel in each section and secure admission to top-notch law schools. To receive expert guidance and assistance in your CLAT preparation, consider exploring the resources provided by Career Launcher in Mumbai. Visit to access valuable study materials, mock tests, and personalized coaching that can elevate your CLAT journey.