GRE/GMAT: Education Abroad: Pathway to a better future

CL Team February 28 2020
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1. Choice of Course – These colleges offer a variety of courses one can think of. The program’s credit system allows students not only to focus on the courses that are a must also to take up those that can bring a lot of fun into their learning. For instance, MIT offers a course on How to stage a revolution’, whereas ‘Game of Thrones’ is a course offered by the University of Virginia! 2. Pedagogy – The faculty immensely contributes to research; and the pedagogy followed has created paradigm shifts in each of the subject areas worldwide. The high level of institution industry engagement exposes a student to the world class innovation, research and work environment. 3. Holistic Development – Every Program attracts students from varied countries, cultures and work experiences; the opportunity such an intense and engaging environment offers is beyond compare from the perspective of personal growth and development. 4. Home to the best companies – The universities are in vicinity of the largest business districts or manufacturing hubs of the world that are home to the best of the companies. Actually, many of these universities have been the cradles for quite a few of the world-class companies when they were conceived and nurtured, to the extent that, the universities even have stakes in these companies. 5. Global citizen – Work anywhere in the world. 6. Higher return on Investment – Though the fees that you pay for these programs are a multiple of what you invest for programs in India, including IITs, IISc, IIMs etc., the kind of Salaries offered are in the range of 3 to 4 times of your investment in the program.