How to Nail Interview for IIM

CL Team November 25 2022
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IIM: Tips to Nail Your Interview and Get Admitted to Your Dream Institute

IIM: The Indian Institute of Management

The Indian Institute of Management, which are central government-owned business schools for management offers undergraduates, postgraduates, doctorate and executive programs along with some additional courses in the field of business administration. There are nearly 20 IIM institutes across the country, some of the main IIM institutes are IIM Rohtak, IIM Indore, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bangalore and many more.

For fulfilling your dream of studying in IIM you have to pass an entrance which is CAT. CAT entrance is a national-level test that is held every year. There are some eligibility criteria for appearing for the CAT exam, one should have completed his/her bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% marks, and a candidate appearing for CAT should be very much fluent in English as the CAT exam is conducted only in the English language. After passing your CAT examination there is one final step to admit yourself to IIM Institute which is a personal interview.

Tips to Nail Your Interview

  1. Confidence
  2. We all knew that confidence is just one element of a successful interview. a confident person is always most likable and memorable during the interview process, by being confident you can attract the interviewer towards yourself. here we learn how to be confident during an interview, the first and most important thing you have to keep in mind that always go with your homework done, which is preps that you have to do before your interview, just know your goals that what goals you have to achieve and do your preparation accordingly. If you are clear with your goals, then definitely you will do your preparation well and then you can easily convey your passion to the interviewer. But you have to remember one thing being confident doesn't mean that you are perfect in everything by this you can end up in going the way of overconfidence, so don't pretend to the interviewer that you are perfect.

  3. Clear Command and Good Communication
  4. Good communication is an absolute need in any industry you go into, if your commands are clear to the interviewer it will show that you belong to a sophisticated environment. Communicating well with the interviewer will also save you time and energy. Also by this, it will be very easy for the interviewer to know your thoughts. If your commands are clear, then you don't need to do a lot of effort to communicate in the conversation. Every candidate does a lot of preparation and practice before the interview but it will only be counted if you can communicate well, if your commands and communication are not clear you will end up hesitating in front of the interviewer and hence it will give the very negative impact on yours. It is a very major factor as the interviewer judges you on the way you communicate and how confidently you present yourself. Good communication skills are not developed quickly within a week or a month, it needs practice over a long period of time as It cannot be mugged up.

  5. Body Language/Etiquette/Eye Contact
  6. Besides your knowledge, some of your physical body parts also play a very important role during an interview. Which are your body language, eye contact, and gestures. The candidate should have good etiquette with positive body language and positive hand gestures and he should be able to portray his personality in a positive manner to the interviewer which will help him in getting selected for the interview. Eye contact while talking with an interviewer is very important, anytime you don't make eye contact with the interviewer it shows that you are insecure about the questions which are asked to you hence never fail to make eye contact during the conversation. Likewise, highly confident candidates will carry themselves with good posture and calm body language, whenever you sit in front of the interviewer make yourself comfortable and try to sit in the same position throughout the interview this doesn't mean that you have to sit like and statue. You should avoid crossing legs and arms while the interview is going on it gives a very casual impact in front of the interviewer, also your etiquette includes your table manners, your politeness, and confident body language. Do not forget to always treat your interviewer with respect and make him feel superior.

  7. Define Your Career Goals
  8. We know that we are clear with our goals that you have to admit yourself to the best IIM institute but you also need to define it to your interviewer so that your chance of getting selected is high. You need to determine what skills you need to get within you to achieve your desired goals. Also, make a note of your short-term and long-term goals and convey that to your interviewer. You need to tell the interviewer what efforts you are going to take to achieve your desired goals, this will give you very positive gratitude in front of the interviewer that you are so focused on your goals. Evaluate your goals before like if the interviewer see that your efforts are beneficial to them obviously, there is a chance of you get selected for an interview.

  9. Mock Interview Trails
  10. The mock interview is a type of setup and scenario that resembles a typical interview. Mock interviews are perfect practice to crack any interview, by practicing mock interviews you boost your confidence level and hence you are aware that what pressure and stress you will have at the time of the interview this mock interview is going to make you feel ready for the challenges and definitely going to overcome your anxiety at the time of interview. This mock interview you can do with your mentors and also your friends who are senior to you and who has knowledge of how this is done. Nowadays on the Internet also you will get some stuff to practice mock interviews. We all must agree that none of us is perfect for an interview. So mock interviews help us clarify responses to certain questions and help us work on areas that we are prone to be weak in.

So these are a few important points you need to know to nail an interview at IIM and get yourself admitted to your dream institute.

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