HOW TO PREPARE FOR CLAT IN 45 DAY? CLAT (Common law admission test) is an entrance examination for those students who want to choose law as a career. It provides admission to the aspirants for under-graduate and post graduate programs. The test is taken after the higher secondary education to take an admission in top law colleges/universities. How to prepare for this exam is a big deal for many students. Studying for law requires a student to go through the syllabus and work on individual topic properly. Studying law is a really challenging career for a student as it requires a deep study of topic related to law. But this is a latter step. First a student has to prepare for entrance examination, which includes preparing for legal aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation and English. This is how you should prepare for your CLAT exam in 45 days Getting shortlisted for the admission in national law colleges or universities is a biggest goal for any law aspirants. To achieve this goal, one must practice to their fullest. Therefore one should start preparing for CLAT right from their 11th grade. So, this is how a candidate should prepare for their exam. Getting enrolled in a good coaching institution is one thing for a student but self study is most important thing a student should do. The very first thing a student should do is 1. GO THROUGH THE SYLLABUS Before studying for any examination one should first go through the syllabus and a student should have a clarity about what to study and what to not. Which topic should be given more importance and which do not require any intervention. Therefore knowing your syllabus is the first step while preparing for your CLAT examination. 2. PREPARE EARLY As we know that the examination is given after the completion of their 12th board. Therefore a student should start preparing right from 11th grade along with their studies. Studying from the start will help you save time for other subjects and preparing early will help the candidates to cover most of the topics and they can have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. 3. PREPARATION STRATEGY After going through the syllabus a student should prepare a perfect strategy so that you can pay more attention and give proper time to different subjects. Every law candidate has their own studying strategy, which differ from others. 4. REGULAR REVISION Revision of your study material is an important step while preparing for CLAT. Revising your material will help the students to brush up the already read facts. And in this way students will never forget about whatever they have studied before. 5. PRACTICE PREVIOUS YEARS PAPER Practicing previous years question paper help the students to analyze the types of question that occur in CLAT exam. They can go through the question paper pattern. It will also help them in recognizing the difficulty level of questions. 6. ONLINE MOCK TEST Giving online mock tests strengthens the speed of solving the problems of the students and helps solve in minimum time. It also gives a rough idea to candidates to know that which question takes much time. And help you know what type of questions appear in exam. As you have to prepare in 45 days one should practice these tests on daily basis. 7. KNOW YOUR WEAKNESS AND STRENGTH After going through the mock tests one must know their strengths and weaknesses. CLAT candidates must know which topic bothers them the most and need more practice. And which topic is clearly understood.