EFECTIVE WAYS TO PREPARE FOR GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FOR CLAT Common law admission test (CLAT) is an entrance examination for getting admission in the top national colleges/universities in India. It provides admission to under- graduate and postgraduate program in law (L.L.B and L.L.M). Being a really challenging profession most students dont wish to pursue law as a career. And studying law is a big deal for students as it requires keen knowledge about the concept related to law. So we try our best to teach the students with in depth knowledge of how to crack CLAT effectively. Before we start preparing for any exam the very first step we do is glace through the whole syllabus and decide which subject should be given more priority. Which subject are we weak at? Which subject requires more time? We try to cover the important topic thoroughly. So while studying one subject we tend to ignore is general knowledge. General awareness is as important as any other topic. As we know that 25% of the exam is based on general awareness and knowledge. So lets first look at the topics covered under general knowledge Everyday science, awards and honors, current affairs, constitution, physical geography, Indian and world geography, Indian and world history, Indian policy, Indian economy, international organization and other miscellaneous GK. These are the major topic to be covered under general knowledge. People mostly advise us to read newspaper, listen to AIR news, watch interviews and read some books in order to gain general awareness. READING It is wise to keep a rough knowledge about what is going on around the world, it keeps us updated about all the activities happening around, therefore reading newspaper helps us get knowledge about the world. One can read two newspapers, one in their local language and one in English. Students can also read knowledge magazines like the Indian management and readers digest which will boost their GK. USAGE OF INTERNET Nowadays internet is used as great source of information. We come to know most things about the world through internet. Google, Youtube and Wikipedia are some of the major sources from where knowledge could be acquired. We can also follow some competitive websites which can give free registration and provide easy access to their sites. If we fall short of time one can follow facebook or twitter pages. Anyone could also participate in online quiz competition. WATCHING NEWS As television is considered as a great source of entertainment, it can also be a good source of information. Watching news channels will help us learn about the various activities all around the world. There are other channels like discovery and national geographic which runs shows that can help us learn about geography and science as well. MAKING NOTES Making notes while studying general knowledge and current affairs help us grasp any information quickly. Its better to jot down the important points and study from them as it is impossible to remember everything. Studying from our own notes is easier than studying from books. So these were some ways to study for current affairs and general knowledge in simple and effective way.