HOW TO SOLVE DATA INTERPRETATION FOR CLAT? Data interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to the collected data or information and making the implication, significance and conclusions to the finding. It is one of the important subjects for clearing the examination of CLAT. Its a very scoring and time consuming topic. As it requires solving questions based on graphs, charts, bar graphs, pie charts, etc. Some of the useful tips for solving the questions for data interpretation for CLAT is to focus on trying to solve the question as they appear in the exam, usage of approximate value, mind calculation, writing clearly, write down the correct data from the diagram and try to figure out the answer just by looking at the diagram. SOLVE THE QUESTION AS THEY APPEAR IN THE EXAM We should try to solve the question in the same order as it is given in the exam. Because questions in data interpretation has a main question which consist of many sub questions. Also we may require the answer for the solution of the first question for the next questions. USAGE OF APPROXIMATE VALUE While solving DI the need for exact average answer is not necessary sometimes, we have to sometimes find the approximate value as an answer of the question. For approximate calculation one must be quick in calculating the sum in their mind. We can play mind games for improving our calculating technique. MIND CALCULATIONS As the topic suggest one should try to solve basic calculations in their mind as much as possible. It will help them solve the questions quickly and can save the time for further questions. WRITING CLEARLY Try to write and solve the answers properly because the questions are sometimes interrelated and while solving the further question you can get the help from the previous. Therefore, you should clearly solve the questions so that it may come of some help. WRITE DOWN THE CORRECT DATA FROM THE DIAGRAM We should be careful while solving the questions of data interpretation. Because all of the questions are based on the diagram, it can be any form like bar graph, pie chart, graphs, etc. TRY TO FIGURE OUT THE DATA JUST BY LOOKING AT THE DIAGRAM As we know time issue is the main problem while solving exams. Thats why we should try to figure out the answers just by looking at the diagram, as it will save much time for solving more questions in the exam. So analyze the problem and try to calculate in single step.