Let's Know the Rearmost Trends in CAT Test

CL Team November 25 2022
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What's CAT?

We all know that CAT is the most important entrance test for MBA applicants if one of the asked things is to study in IIM. CAT entrance is a public position test that is held every time. There are some eligibility criteria for appearing for the CAT test, one should have completed his/ her bachelor's degree with a minimal 50 marks, seeker appearing for CAT should be veritably important fluent in English as the CAT test is conducted only in English language.

The syllabus of CAT is divided into 3 sections which are, VARC section verbal capability and reading appreciation test, then the questions are grounded on vocabulary and alphabet, the DILR section then the question is grounded on data interpretation and logical logic and the last section is QA Section which is also called as quantitative aptitude then the questions will be grounded on athematic, algebra, mathematics and figure.

Please read this till the end if you want to know the rearmost trends regarding the CAT test.

We all know that Indian education is growing day by day in terms of development. Every institute is trying its position stylishly to concentrate on the all-around development of scholars in each sphere. CAT is a one of the most prestigious examinations which have achieved the height of elaboration in terms of mode of examination, number of questions, registered scholars, test pattern and so forth.

Some of the prominent CAT changes over the times are, the number of test places increased from two to three and the questions were dropped to 66 from 76. Let us learn the elaboration of the CAT examination from the morning, we knew that earlier CAT test was paper grounded, and scholars used to mark their answers in OMR wastes, since 2009 this digital way of giving the test has come in trend. As they've changed the mode of examination they've also increased the time duration. before there used to be veritably fewer questions also the question was grounded on erudite knowledge but now everything has come so important and creative that the questions are framed in such a way that the seeker enjoy working on each question and they break each question with great sweat. Many times before in CAT test the question were substantially grounded on advanced academy calculation which is class 9th 10th and 12th but now the whole syllabus of CAT is changed. CAT syllabus includes verbal capability & reading appreciation( VARC), data interpretation & logical logic( DILR), and quantitative aptitude( QA). In the last six times, the marking scheme of the CAT test has also not changed. For each correct answer, 3 marks are distributed and for each wrong answer,-1 mark is subtracted. there's no deduction of marks for TITA questions and questions left unattempted.

The total marks of the CAT 2020 paper are yet to be known. still, watching the trends of the once 11 times of the CAT test pattern one can not fail but notice that the test structure of the CAT test witnessed an enormous change in 2013- 2014 in terms of duration and number of questions. While in CAT 2013, the number of questions was 60 and thus the time duration was 140 twinkles, in CAT 2014, the number of questions increased to 100 and thus the time duration was increased to 170 twinkles. On the contrary hand, the number of sections kept changing from three to 2 to 3 again between 2010 and 2015. Between 2011 to 2014, the number of sections was two. The DI section of the CAT test was conjoined with QA and LR section was conjoined with VARC. Given below may be a table indicating changes in the CAT test pattern over time. The CAT test pattern was revised majorly in 2020. The total time duration of the test was reduced from 180 to 120 twinkles and the sectional time- limit was reduced from 60 to 40 twinkles for each section. The number of test places was increased from two to three. Along with the reduction in CAT test duration, the total number of questions was also reduced.

The CAT 2020 question paper had only 76 questions in aggregate. still, the structure of the test remained the same with three sections-Verbal Capability & Reading Appreciation, Data Interpretation & Logical logic and Quantitative Aptitude. In CAT 2021 the test pattern was further modified with the reduction in the number of questions from 76 to 66. The elaboration and variations in the CAT test pattern, the admission criteriaof the IIMs, and the way it's conducted are the main reasons why the CAT is one of the toughest examinations in the country, and getting good marks to get into IIMs isn't at each easy.

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