MBA and its specializations

CL Team May 15 2024
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Unlocking the Power of MBA


In the pursuit of knowledge and professional growth, the journey of an individual from a Bachelor's degree to the realm of MBA signifies a transformative phase. With years of dedication and learning behind, the Bachelor enters the MBA domain as a competent individual, yet yearning for the skills to navigate the competitive world. MBA, indeed, serves as the complementary force that not only hones existing skills but also equips one to master various facets of business.



Introduction to MBA


Master of Business Administration (MBA) stands as a post-graduate program embarked upon after completing one's graduation. In the current era, MBA stands tall as one of the most sought-after career paths, not just in India but worldwide. It serves as a universal degree in business, welcoming graduates from diverse educational backgrounds, be it engineering, science, commerce, arts, or even medicine. Renowned institutions like the IIMs, XLRI, FMS, SP Jain, MDI, IRMA, and ISB in India are esteemed for their MBA programs, attracting aspirants from far and wide.



Why Pursue MBA???


The pursuit of MBA is driven by numerous compelling reasons:


1. Futuristic Decision Making: MBA makes one futuristic and a worthy decision maker.


2. Increased Job Opportunities: It exponentially increases job opportunities.


3. Career Growth and Salary: It hastens one's career growth along with salary. The average package of the best MBA colleges in India lies in the 15 LPA vicinity.


4. Enhanced Corporate Network: It enhances one's corporate network.


5. Job Satisfaction: An MBA degree provides a graduate with greater responsibilities resulting in improved job satisfaction. In the long run, being satisfied with what you have done and what you are doing will definitely matter the most.


6. Career Progression: Becoming a General Manager by 35, Vice President by 40 and Chief Executive Officer by 45 becomes much more feasible and practical after doing an MBA.


7. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: It lets you become your own Boss".





MBA being a very vast field is categorized into various specializations. Some of these specializations are -


1. Finance: MBA in Finance typically involves the study of investment banking, venture capitalism, accounting, financial markets and instruments, corporate strategy, negotiation, business ethics, statistical analysis, marketing and management.


2. Marketing: The Marketing team is responsible for market research. Research is essential to understand consumer needs, identify market trends, search potential customers and markets and prepare a blueprint of the company's product line.


3. Operations Management: Operations Management looks at planning, organizing, and supervising various productions and manufacturing services of an organization. The goal is to turn inputs into outputs in an efficient and productive way.


4. Human Resource Management: MBA in Human Resource Management focuses on business strategies and concepts as well as corporate headhunting, benefits analysis, compensation management and business coaching.


A developing nation with growing unemployment issues, India needs its youth to be job producers rather than job seekers. Wherever you are: Identify the problems, analyze them and come up with the best solutions. That's what MBAs do, that's what the drivers of economy and GDP do!


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