NPAT Syllabus: Subjects and Topics Covered in the Exam

CL Team July 28 2023
1 min read
The NPAT (NMIMS Programs After Twelfth) exam is conducted for admissions to undergraduate degree and integrated degree programs offered by the constituent schools of SVKM's Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. To prepare well for the exam, it is important to be familiar with the NPAT syllabus. Here is the detailed syllabus for NPAT: Section 1: Quantitative & Numerical Ability • Number System: Fractions, Surds and Decimals, Number Series • Arithmetic: Percentages, Profit and loss, Discount, Compound interest & annuities, Ratio and proportions, Time, work & distance, 2D & 3D figures- areas & volumes • Algebra: Basic algebraic identities, Equations-linear & quadratic, Sequence and series (AP, GP) • Sets and Functions: Sets, Operation on sets and their applications, Using Venn Diagrams, Functions • Elementary Statistics & Probability: Mean, Mode and Median, Measures of dispersion • Trigonometry: Trigonometric ratios, Identities, Heights & distances Section 2: Reasoning & General Intelligence • Critical Thinking: Decision making, Problem solving • Verbal-logical reasoning: Deriving conclusions from logical premises, Assessing the validity of arguments • Data sufficiency: Judging sufficiency of information to answer questions • Numerical Reasoning: Venn Diagram, Mathematical Equalities • Data Interpretation: Using information from graphs and charts • Spatial Reasoning: Figure analogy, Figure matching/classification, Figure series Section 3: Proficiency in the English Language • Error Recognition: Recognizing grammatical structure and usage • Applied Grammar: Using prepositions, determiners, connectives, tenses appropriately • Vocabulary: Understanding the meaning of words in sentences • Contextual Usage: Using appropriate words in context • Sequencing of Ideas: Arranging jumbled sentences in logical order • Reading Comprehension: Locating information, Grasping ideas, Identifying and interpreting relationships, Inferring, Identifying the central theme It's important to note that the number of questions may vary within each topic, as mentioned in the syllabus. Preparing according to the NPAT syllabus will help candidates cover all the necessary topics and increase their chances of performing well in the exam.