THIS YEAR WILL BE THE YEAR OF CLAT EXAM As we know that CLAT (common law admission test) is around. It is conducted on 10th May 2020. It provides admission to the candidates for under-graduate and post graduate degree program in law. 12th boards are about to end and students have around one month for the preparations of CLAT. Candidates applying for CLAT should keep in mind that this one month period should be dedicated entirely for the preparation of this exam. Proper balance should be made between solving the question and time. The most essential factor that will make you to the merit list is the accuracy and speed of solving a question. As we know this examination does not focus on the in-depth knowledge but on the basic common knowledge of English, logical reasoning and legal aptitude. The most imperative parameter to clear this exam is time management one should know how much time a question should be given. As you know that there are 150 questions to be solved in 2 hours therefore 1 minute should be given to a single question in order to complete the exam in time. Practice as much as you can and try to give much time to easier questions, and try to avoid first solving time consuming question . This will improve your performance and you’ll be able to manage time properly. Also make use of short term techniques, to solve the problems, certain shortcut tricks will help you save the time and solve the questions in minimum time. Candidates should properly revise and practice all the topics and avoid last minute preparations. Setting goals for the day will also benefit you. Categorize and divide the topics according to your convenience and study according to your timetable. Properly practice all the subjects like in English focus on grammar and practice on regularly reading newspaper and magazines. Listen to speeches and English movies with subtitles will help you improve vocabulary. Students should try to talk in English. For general knowledge read newspaper and magazines, watch news which will keep you updated with the current affairs and read proper knowledge related books. Be sure to read all the response choices carefully before choosing or eliminating choices. So focus on your preparations properly will end up with the good results and rank.