Mastering the Verbal Ability Section of IPMAT

6 September 2023, 12:01pm 

IPMAT is a highly competitive entrance exam for admission to a dual degree five-year integrated program in management (BBA+MBA) in leading institutes like  IIM Indore, IIM Ranchi, IIFT, TAPMI, and various other top management schools. So if you aim to secure admission, you must be fully prepared and master the VA section as it plays a crucial role in qualifying for the IPMAT exam. If you’re concerned about how to prepare for this section, worry not. We have all the tips and strategies given below.

> Practice Reading: Start reading newspapers daily or read books or blogs to practice your reading skills. This will help you improve your reading and speaking skills to tackle the reading comprehension question in the verbal ability section. Reading every day will enhance your pace, memory power, and understanding ability.  

> Keep Writing: The only way to improve your writing skills is to keep writing. Hence, it’s important to make it a routine to summarize each essay and editorial into short passages jotted down by you that mirror your comprehension of the main view and supporting statements illustrated in the material. This will help you learn the core value markers and arrange such passages logically.

> Brush Up Your Communication Skills: Your communication skills are equally important, especially during the PI round. So it’s good to have a firm grasp of fluency and a good vocabulary. The ability to think quickly, read the pieces aloud and clearly, and immerse in English discussions are the three important steps that will secure you admission.

> Check Previous Year Question Papers: Solving previous year question papers will allow you to understand the variety of questions asked in the exam, the complication level of the paper, the marking system, and so on. Furthermore, it boosts your quickness and precision. 

> Improve Your Vocabulary: Having a strong vocabulary will enable you to deal with various kinds of questions without any difficulty. To improve your vocabulary, you should pay special attention to synonyms, antonyms, analogies, and many more all need a good understanding of high-value vocabulary. So start by learning new words every day.