Balancing IPMAT/JIPMAT Preparation with Board Exams: Tips for Class 12 Students

Published on: 8th July, 2023 | 11:50 AM

Balancing the preparation for these exams can be challenging, but with proper planning and effective strategies, it is possible to excel in both. In this blog, we will provide some valuable tips to help Class 12 students successfully manage their IPMAT/JIPMAT preparation alongside their board exams.

Create a Realistic Study Schedule
Start by creating a well-structured study schedule that takes into account the syllabus for both board exams and IPMAT/JIPMAT. While a lot of time is required for all these exams, one must ensure that they don’t clutter preparing for all tests all at once. Create an independent timeline for all your upcoming exams, and cover all topics across months.  

Identify Overlapping Topics
Many topics covered in the board exams may also be part of the IPMAT/JIPMAT syllabus. Identify these overlapping topics and prioritize studying them first. This will help you cover the maximum material in the first few weeks. In the last few months or whenever required, you can revisit and revise these foundational topics. 

Utilize Time Effectively
Make the most of your time by utilizing every available opportunity for studying. Reading a 5-minute passage wherever you can manage will do wonders in the long run. Don’t create a schedule but rather make it a habit to gain knowledge on topics that are a part of the syllabus. 

Seek Professional Guidance
Consider enrolling in coaching classes or online courses specifically designed for IPMAT/JIPMAT preparation. Expert guidance can provide you with a structured study plan, access to relevant study materials, and regular assessments to track your progress. Mentors and teachers can offer valuable tips and strategies to excel in these exams. Getting help with such preparations always has a positive contribution. 

> Practice Time Management
Develop effective time management skills to balance your preparation for board exams and IPMAT/JIPMAT. Break down your study schedule into smaller tasks and set deadlines for completing each task. This practice will help you stay organized, meet targets, and reduce stress. 

It's also essential to stay in touch with your teachers and mentors and seek their guidance whenever you have any doubts. Remember that preparation is critical to success in any exam. By following these tips and staying focused, you can prepare well for the IPMAT and class-12 board exams and perform your best on both.

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