How to Score Well in the IPMAT Quantitative Ability Section

2 september 2023, 10:15 AM

To ace the IPMAT Quantitative Aptitude section, you must be thoroughly prepared in order to crack the IPM examination. The QA section plays a vital part because it carries more weight compared to other sections. According to the IPMAT exam pattern, 60% of the question paper consists of a QA section. So if you want to crack the examination, you must come up with a strategic plan. Here, we will talk about what type of preparation you must follow to score well in the IPMAT quantitative ability section. 

>Understand the exam pattern and syllabus

First and foremost, you must understand the exam pattern and syllabus as it is essential for you to know the number of questions asked and the marking system. Be very clear with the whole syllabus to know all the most important topics you ought to prepare from the exam perspective.

>Join the Online Class

If you have time to spare, join an online class. It is one of the finest strategies to score better in the quantitative section. You will also gain more insight into the important concepts and get a conceptual comprehension of all the subjects.

> Awareness of Your Strengths & Weaknesses

As you start your preparation, you ought to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This will enable you to build strong areas and concentrate on the weaker areas to put in more effort. So always start with the difficult ones, and keep the easier ones for later. Also, try solving the questions in different methods. This way, you will improve your accuracy in solving all kinds of questions.

> Make Study Notes

Take note of every detail such as your weakest and strongest points. This will help you in planning your preparation meticulously. You can also list down section-wise important formulas in the quant section to make it easier for you to remember the formulas. 

> Solve Question Papers

The best way to improve your preparation is by solving the past year’s question papers. You will find various kinds of questions. Try solving them to enhance your pace and learn the difficulty level of the question paper.