Mock Strategy for IPMAT

Here's how you can craft a winning mock test strategy for IPMAT 2024:

Before the Mock Test:

Try to mimic the exam environment:  

Locate a peaceful area with few outside distractions. For the duration of the mock exam, set a timer. Try to replicate as much of the exam atmosphere as you can.

Go through the syllabus: 

Review the full IPMAT syllabus in brief, paying particular attention to the sections that you find difficult.

The test-taking approach:  

Make a strategy for every section. Which questions will you answer first—those with higher scores, or the simpler ones to gain momentum? Choose a tactic that suits your needs.

During the Mock Test:

Time management:  

Adhere to your strategy and thoughtfully allot time to every area. Avoid being mired on just one question.

Go through instructions carefully:  

Before answering any of the questions, make sure you know what they are asking. Avoid wasting time on miscommunications.

Learn when to mark for review:  

Don't spend time worrying about a question if you're not sure about the answer. If you have time, mark it for review and return to it later.

Guesstimation helps:  

Use educated guesses if you're absolutely stumped on a question and don't know the solution. Most IPMAT tests do not penalize incorrect answers.

After the Mock Test:

Analyze the mock tests thoroughly:  

Analyze your answers to each question, reviewing the ones you got right and wrong. Determine your advantages and disadvantages for each area.

Leave time to review the marked questions:  

Consider only the questions you have marked for further study. Recognize the appropriate method and the related ideas.

Identify weaknesses and strengths:  

Determine which subjects or categories of questions need more research based on your analysis. Set aside time to deepen your comprehension of these topics.

Track everything you make progress with:  

Keep track of your results on practice exams and your areas for development. This will assist you in determining patterns and evaluating your overall progress.

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