Preparing for IPMAT Group Discussions and Written Ability Tests

17th October 2023, 10:15 AM

After the IPMAT results are declared, the IPM admissions at IIM Indore are executed on the basis of the IPMAT selection process which comprises GD (Group Discussions) and WAT (Written Ability Test) rounds.

There may be many candidates who will be experiencing for the first time appearing for the selection process for a management institution after completion of school. Therefore, it is advisable to be thoroughly prepared for the selection stage and carefully check all the crucial information about IPMAT 2023 GD & WAT beforehand.

In this post, we deliver the best preparation tips for GD and WAT in IPMAT 2023.

Also do keep in mind that, GD and WAT rounds are both crucial stages in the IPMAT selection process, and therefore, candidates are expected to be well-prepared. Mentioned below are some of the best preparation tips to follow for the GD and WAT rounds.

> Brush Up Your General Knowledge/General Awareness: For the GD and WAT rounds, candidates must be fully updated with the latest affairs and hot topics trending in the news as it is very useful for these rounds. Candidates should also be well-versed in matters related to both national and international importance. It is much better if candidates are to maintain information related to these matters and enhance their GK/General Awareness. It also improves your reading skills and has ranged interests for this stage.

> Enhance Your Speaking and Writing Skills: The GD and WAT stages test the speaking and writing skills of the aspirants also including their command to convey themselves distinctly either through oration or in writing. Candidates should practice both their speaking and writing skills in their extra time to be thoroughly prepared for this stage in the selection process. Choose any topic you want and jot down a brief essay regularly. On the next day, check what you have written and see if there are any mistakes you made and figure out how to make it better or you can show it to your mentor or a friend for feedback. To master these skills, patience is the key.

> Improve Your Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills: To be able to form your own thoughts and have your own ideas about any subject is crucial. Jotting down a topic or meeting the interviewer becomes somewhat easier when you have precise logic behind your views. When writing down notes about any occasion, try to summarize them with your own thoughts and opinions and see how it goes. The best idea is to think carefully and take time to reflect on your choices and decisions since you may be asked questions based on why you made those decisions.