Preparing for IPMAT Interviews: Common Questions and Tips

27 October 2023,10:39 AM

The personal interview is a crucial part of the five-year Integrated Program Management admission process at IIM Indore. Having a good awareness of the past interview questions will be extremely useful for you to prepare for the forthcoming challenges during the PI round which is the final phase in the selection process.

The interview questions will likely be asked on academic-related topics, your personal interests, and general awareness/current affairs. Hence, it is important to thoroughly do a background check about your field and environment as you prepare for the IPMAT interview. Also, be well-versed in the most recent developments in the business world. 

So make sure to keep practicing your answers regularly as this will also brush up your speaking skills. You can ask a friend, a mentor, or a family member for feedback on your answers. This will enable you to improve your responses and build a positive and eloquent interview tone.

Here are a few of the common questions asked in the IPMAT interview process and some tips to help you with your preparation to crack the IPMAT interview. 

> Introduction about yourself: Probably, the most commonly asked question in any interview is “Tell me something about yourself?”. To answer that question, you must come up with a short intro and practice yourself in front of the mirror to overcome your nervousness. Do not forget the small but important details such as your name and the place you’re from, your parent’s name, occupation, and where they are from, your past academic background, hobbies, and achievements (if any).

> Your strengths and weaknesses: To answer this question, you must first elaborate on your strengths. You can mention your weaknesses from the past and how you were able to overcome them to gain a positive reaction from the panelists. 

> Your goals: To achieve our goals one has to be ambitious and driven, hence, to answer such questions, you need to cite your career alternatives and point out the goals you have in your mind that you want to badly achieve in the future.

> Choosing IPMAT as your career: Emphasize the optimistic results that directed you to decide on IPM as your ultimate destination and your career. Remember to mention your relevant skills and try to sound positive and confident while responding to such questions.

> Your hobbies: Mention your interests, talents, and qualities. Talk about potential opportunities to utilize your extracurricular activity on the institute’s campus.