The IPU BJMC 2015 was conducted by Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Delhi on May 16, 2015 for admission in Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) program. The exam comprised 150 questions from four sections viz. English Language and Comprehension, General Awareness, Reasoning, and Media Aptitude. The total marks for the paper was 600. There were 4 options in each question. Each correct attempt would fetch 4 marks and each incorrect attempt would attract a penalty of 1 mark. The time limit of the exam was 150 minutes.

Given below is the breakup of the sections and suggested time duration for each section.

Section Total Number of Questions Good Attempt Good Score Suggested Time
(in minutes)
English Language and Comprehension 37 28-32 110-115 40-45 min
General Awareness 38 22-25 85-90 20-25 min
Reasoning 37 28-30 108-112 55-60 min
Media Aptitude 38 26-28 95-100 30-35 min
Total 150 150 min

1. English Language and Comprehension

There were 37 questions in this section, which required 35-40 minutes to be completed.

The break-up of this section is as follows:

Topic Number of questions
Reading Comprehension 8 (2 * 4)
Fill in the Blanks (Single Blank) 4
Fill in the Blanks (2 Blanks) 5
Sentence Correction 10
Synonyms 5
Antonyms 5
Total 37


Both the comprehension passages were related to science. Almost all the questions on reading comprehension were inference or assumption based. There were 2 sets of Fill in the Blanks. One set of 4 questions had a single blank and was based on Grammar, while the other set of 5 questions had two blanks and was based on vocabulary. Most of the questions on antonym were quite difficult to attempt. However, the overall difficulty level of this section was easy to moderate. A score of 110 to 115 can be considered a good score.

2. General Awareness

The total number of questions in this section was 38. Most of the questions were from static GK based on polity, history, Indian constitution, government projects, etc. There were around 5-8 questions on current affairs which demanded knowledge of famous personalities and awards. The overall difficulty level of this section was easy to moderate. A score of 85 to 90 can be considered a good score.

3. Reasoning

In Verbal Reasoning, there were around 15 questions. These questions were from topics like Syllogism, Analogy and Odd-one out. In Analytical Reasoning, there were around 7 questions from Number Series, 1 from Visual Reasoning, and 12-14 from basic math that primarily included questions from Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Time & Work, Profit & Loss, Linear Equation and Permutation & Combination. The overall difficulty level of this section was easy to moderate, except 4-5 questions from Series and Analogy. A score of 108 to 112 can be considered a good score.

4. Media Aptitude

This section comprised 38 questions. The overall difficulty level of this section was moderate. A good bunch of questions that appeared in this section were covered by the study material provided by Career Launcher. A score of 95 to 100 can be considered a good score. The level of difficulty of the entire paper can be summed up to be easy to moderate.

Disclaimer: All information on analysis, answer key and scores are based on independent analysis and evaluation made by Career Launcher. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken, based on this information.

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