"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

Know your giants!

Mentor Speak

We at career launcher believe not just in teaching but mentoring students to achieve their dreams. Apart from training and transmission of knowledge, we aim at providing psychological support, motivation and career counselling.

If SUCCESS is an important element in your life, do you ever wonder what the 'elements' of SUCCESS are?

Meet the Elements!

Gautam Puri

IIM Bangalore
Element: Gold (Au)
He is a symbol of success; Very malleable and an excellent conductor of knowledge.

Shivku R

IIM Calcutta
Element: Lithium (Li)
He is the source of power and his 'fire' is difficult to put out!

Arks Srinivas

IIM Calcutta
Element: Hydrogen (H)
He is unique & superlight; Rocket-fuel and hence aids in flying.

Gautam Bawa

IIM Calcutta
Element: Carbon (C)
He is versatile, appears in many forms and changes properties accordingly.

Sujit Bhattacharyya

IIM Bangalore
Element: Silicon (Si)
The Digital Artisan; Almost never found in pure 'free' state naturally.

Gopalakrishnan R.

IIM Bangalore
Element: Chromium (Cr)
He is the artist that bring out the colour in gems like emerald and ruby.

Gejo Srinivasan

IIM Calcutta
Element: Helium (He)
He is cool & noble; The light hearted gas that raises your voice and spirits.

Srinivas Akkapeddi

IIM Indore
Element: Nitrogen (N)
He is friendly and cool; Can chill matters down to -196℃.

Mohan Prasad

IIM Lucknow
Element: Iron (Fe)
He has a magnetic personality and is the backbone of the organisation.

Siddharth Mehta

Element: Krypton (Kr)
The brightly shining Noble Flash Man with super senses; Rare & hard to discover.