The Shining Stars of CL

Anubha Goyal CL ID 4284639
Deep Pant CL ID 4284629
Madhur CL ID 4284647
Nitin CL ID 4284682
Jasvir Singh CL ID 4284664
Yash Vardan Singh CL ID 4284777
Ankita Narda CL ID 4284662
HarsaranjitCL ID 1052621
Praveen CL ID 4284766
Shruti Tyagi CL ID 4284506
Anchita Katiyar CL ID 4284775
Ramkesh CL ID 4284745
Anubhooti Harid CL ID 4284656
Dependra Pandey CL ID: 10116274
Sakshi Pal CL ID 2197944
Supriya Chouhan CL ID 2197920
Vinay Kumar CL ID 2198052
Urvashi Duggal CL ID 2198067
Ankur CL ID 1003885
Saurav Thakur CL ID 10097187
Nitin KumarCL ID: 10116075
Tanya Kashyap CL ID 10097033
Nidhi Joshi CL ID 10042378
Pankaj Kumar CL ID 1189857
Lokesh CL ID 10097170
Harpreet Singh CL ID 10097087
Simrat Chahal CL ID 10097139
Vinay Verma CL ID: 2699464
Rishabh Arora CL ID 10097273
Swati Sehgal CL ID 10042392
Vipul Arora CL ID 1052456
Manoj Maddesiya CL ID: 10116230
Vinod Rawat CL ID 10097061
Preeti Verma CL ID: 10116301
Rajesh Verma CL ID: 10116193
Snehill CL ID 10097299


From Previous  Years Toppers

Mini Arora
Mini Arora

Excellent!!! This is the best among all the offerings I have gone through. The tests are very relevant and have very good solutions and analysis. Excellent study material for preparations.

Shashank Shekhar
Shashank Shekhar

Very good for banking students.This test series contains all the topic based questions especially designed on the current pattern and syllabus of PO/MT exam.

Prashant Dwivedi
Prashant Dwivedi

Comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant material in total. These are one of the best sources for Bank Test Prep. No serious candidate would miss it. If you study different materials you will find that materials of CL are far ahead in terms content quality and elaboration. Material is prepared by experience candidates who have been actual test takes and have qualified Bank Tests multiple times. So the content is not only authentic but refined also. It fulfills the actual and instant need of any candidate as per the latest pattern, syllabi and structure of the examination. It comprises test papers, mock papers, actual sobbed papers and suggestive readings also.

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