About Management Exams (IPM, BBA, DUJAT)

Management is fast becoming a career option that several students are looking towards post their Class 12 Exams. It is competing with the likes of Engineering and Medicine in terms of popularity. Career Launcher recognizes this trend and is looking to help you prepare for your dream career through guidance in the Entrance Exams which are mandatory for most of the courses. Some of the options available to you are:

  • IPM (Integrated Program in Management offered by IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Ranchi, IIM Jammu, Nirma University)
  • BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration which is offered by several colleges across India)
  • DUJAT (Delhi University Entrance Exam which offers admission into Management Courses)

Career Launcher is a pioneer in the online preparation as well as classroom coaching with our blended coaching classes (Classroom + Online) having built a formidable reputation over the years. We ensure that our students get the best preparation experience irrespective of the mode of preparation that they choose. 7 out of 12 CL Students have decided to entrust their preparation to our online coaching programs with great results so far while our classroom coaching programs have helped us build up to what we are now. In order to learn more about our blended coaching preparation and how to go about it, please click on the following link.

The official date of the IPMAT Indore 2021 Exam has been announced to be 16th July 2021 as per the notification on the official website on 30th March 2021.

Classroom Coaching

Upto 430+ hours led by Expert Faculty to give you all the guidance you need to crack all major management exams. Updated study material & mocks cover all the changes in the exam pattern.

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Online Coaching

85+ live sessions | 181 Videos | 83 Mocks
Get 24*7 access to live online sessions, video lessons, study material, test series and more.

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IPM Express Coaching

Get 24*7 access to live online sessions, optional offline sessions, video lessons, study material, test series and more.

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Test Series

Boost your IPM exam preparation with our IPM Test Series. 83 Mocks Tests including IPM and BBA entrances that cover all the changes in the exam pattern.

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Smart IPM Cracker

181 videos have been prepared to help you develop strong concepts by teaching smart problem-solving techniques. Accessible online so you can prepare anywhere and anytime.

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Books & Material

Give your IPM preparation the CL advantage with our IPM Study Material. It comprehensively covers all exam topics & is regularly updated with changes in the exam pattern to help students excel in the exam.

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About other BBA Entrance Exams

While the IPM Program is highly sought after, it is by no means the only good option. There are several other colleges out there which represent excellent career prospects for students aspiring for an undergraduate degree in Management. Some of the better options available are:

BBA Exams

BBA Colleges


IPM course is a brilliant opportunity for students who are looking forward to be a leader in the management world. However, one must clear the IPMAT exam as the first step. And you will need IPM coaching in order to clear the exam.

IPM coaching by Career Launcher is packed with all the important information about the IPMAT exam to help you cement a successful enrolment into the IPM program by the prestigious IIMs.

We have meticulously laid down the exam dates, pattern, application form, admits cards, selection procedure, eligibility, etc., of IPM entrance exam. Along with imparting guidance and direction, the IPM coaching program also includes a comprehensive exam analysis and an exam simulation (on the same day as the main IPM entrance exam).

Career Launcher doesn’t just coach the students to help them perform well in the IPM exam; we ensure the absorption of every last important information about IPM to provide the best of best aid to our students.

The official date of the IPMAT Indore 2021 Exam has been announced to be 16th July 2021 as per the notification on the official website on 30th March 2021.

IPMAT Exam Analysis

IIM Indore

IPMAT Exam Analysis

IIM Rohtak


IIM Jammu



IPM Colleges

The 5 year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) is an integration of 3 years of Under-graduation with 2 years of Post-graduation. The IPM course is offered by only 5 institutes in India. Colleges offering IPM Course:

  • IIM Indore- Accepts IPMAT-Indore Score
  • IIM Rohtak- Accepts IPMAT-Rohtak Score
  • IIM Bodh Gaya- Accepts SAT Score
  • IIM Ranchi- Accepts IPMAT- Ranchi Score
  • IIM Jammu - Likely to accept IPMAT Jammu Scores
  • Nirma University, Ahmadabad- Accepts IPMAT-Indore Score

In order to help the students get a vivid clarity about the colleges offering IPM course, we provide full information to students enrolled in our IPM coaching program.

Over the years, Career Launcher has carefully gathered the colleges’ information in relation to IPM courses. This is done solely to help the students fuel their IPM preparation with our IPM coaching program.

IIM Bodh Gaya IPM

For the first time in 2021, IIM Bodh Gaya will be launching its 5 year Integrated Program in Management (IPM). The IPM programme at IIM Bodh Gaya is a cross-disciplinary management programme that has a blended course of management studies from under-graduate to Postgraduate. The IPM program is designed for students who have graduated from 12th/Higher Secondary or equivalent. IIM Bodh Gaya will be accepting IPMAT Bodh Gaya to admit student in the five year program.

IIM Ranchi IPM

IIM Ranchi will offer the five year IPM program from the academic year 2021. The IPM programme at IIM Ranchi will be a cross-disciplinary management programme that has a blended course of management studies from under-graduate to Postgraduate. The IPM program is specifically designed for students who have graduated from 12th/Higher Secondary or equivalent. IIM Ranchi will be accepting IPMAT Ranchi to admit student in the five year program.

Study Plans

Study plans are very important for students preparing for exam. While planning comes easy to some people, there are many that struggle to set a strict study plan. This is where a good IPM coaching plays a crucial role. A good IPM coaching program provides you with a study plan that is detailed and comprehensive plan. It enables a successful journey to your destination.

Career Launcher's IPM coaching is designed to give the best study plan, and all the required study tools to help crack the IPM entrance exam, i.e., IPM-AT. Bringing to the table our 26 years of experience in the education field, IPM Coaching Study Plans by CL stands as bold as the mountains. Many students that prepared for IPM exam under our guidance or followed our study plan to prepare at home are the testimonies of our dedication to IPM journey.

IPM coaching program by Career Launcher is popular among the IPM aspirants due to the honest fact that Career Launcher IPM Coaching Program’s only pure motto is the success of the student. Because improvement and learning has no end, CL is always on the lookout for ways to make our programs even more successful and lucrative.

Our IPM coaching programs are offered in various modes to best suit the student’s needs- classroom coaching and classroom-like live online classes.

IPM syllabus videos and test series for IPM entrance exam are another loved feature of CL’s IPM coaching program. The videos below contain all the necessary information about CL’s IPM coaching program and the test series.

To understand better about our IPM coaching program and why CL IPM Coaching Program is the one for you, watch the videos below. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Preparation Strategy


Career Choice

Useful Links

IPM Coaching and IPM Test Series Explained

What makes our IPM coaching programs so loved among the student community is probably the fact that each of our IPM coaching programs has just one objective - the success of the student. Over the years we have made significant improvements in our pedagogy and our course delivery methods. From a classroom coaching to classroom-like live online classes, our IPM coaching offerings cater to different kind of students as well.

In the videos below, we have put together all the things that you need to know about CL's IPM Coaching programs and Test Series. Watch the videos and understand why CL's IPM coaching programs are the first choice of many IPM aspirants.

Know all about IPM

IPM & IPMAT Articles

CL experts bring to you their insights and words of advice in these articles that will help you while you are taking IPM Coaching. These articles will give you a perspective, a direction and a lot of motivation during your IPM preparation.

In addition, these articles will help you choose IPM coaching programs if you haven’t taken one yet. So, find some time off from your IPM coaching and read through these articles.


  • IPM FAQs

    Integrated Programme in management or IPM is a 5 year Integrated program for 3 year Under graduation and 2 year post graduation studies in Management. It is a relatively new course, introduced by IIM Indore for the first time in 2011. IPM course is now offered by IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bodh Gaya and Nirma University, Ahmadabad.

    The tentative IPM Entrance Exam dates are as follows:

    IPMAT 2021 Exam Schedule Tentaive


    IPM Registration & IPMAT Application starts

    Second Week of Feb, 2021

    Last Date to apply for IPM AT 2021

    First Week of April, 2021

    IPMAT Exam date- IPMAT Indore 2021

    June 2021

    IPMAT Exam date- IPMAT Rohtak 2021

    June 2021

    IPMAT Results 2021


    IPM results are released during the last week of May each year. This year it may be slightly delayed due to the COVID pandemic and the timing of the Board Exams.

    A total of 4 IIMs have started the IPM Program- IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bodh Gaya all offer the IPM Program. Nirma University, Ahmadabad is another institute that offers IPM course.

    IPM Preparation involves revision of class 6 to class 12 concepts of Maths and English. Another important step in IPMAT preparation is solving IPMAT sample papers and IPMAT previous year papers. If you are looking for help preparing for IPMAT click here.

    IIM Indore was the first institute to launch the IPM program. IIM Indore IPM started in 2011 and since then the program and the institute has gained popularity amongst the students as a great career opportunity after class 12. IIM Indore IPM has been running successfully for years now and is a very good option for students looking for a career in management. Click here to read all about IIM Indore IPM.

    IIM Rohtak started running its first IPM batch in 2019. IPM is a highly sought after course by students after class 12 as it provides them an early entry into an IIM. And IIM Rohtak is a highly reputed college is Management studies and is therefore a very good college for IPM studies. Click here to read all about IIM Rohtak IPM.

    To know how was IPM 2019 and IPM 2018. Click here to read IPM Previous year analysis.

    IPM course in IIM indore has 120 seats and IIM Rohtak has 160 seats and for both IPMAT entrance exams- IPMAT Indore and IPMAT Rohtak, students come out in thousands to write the exam thereby making it a highly competitive exam. Lear more about IPM entrance exam here.

    IPM entrance exam or IPMAT is conducted online across India at 28- 30 IPMAT centers approximately. Click here to view IPM Coaching Programs.

    IPMAT Cut offs

    IPMAT exam is a very competitive exam. Over 17550 students appeared for IIM Indore IPM entrance Exam- IPMAT Indore 2019 for total 120 seats in IIM Indore IPM. And over 6045 students appeared for IIM Rohtak IPM entrance test- IPMAT Rohtak 2019 for 160 seats in IIM Rohtak IPM.

    IPMAT Eligibility Criteria

    IPM Eligibility Criteria: IPM Program has certain criterias that need to fulfilled in order to apply for IPM program at IIM Indore IPM, IIM Rohtak IPM, Nirma University. These criteria are checked at the point of filling IPMAT Application form. IPMAT eligibility criteria both both IPMAT Indore and IPMAT Rohtak varies slightly.

    IPMAT 2021 Exam Pattern and IPMAT Syllabus 2021

    Both the IPMAT exams- IPMAT Indore and IPMAT Rohtak are conducted in the month of May. Students after class 12 satisfying the eligibility criteria can apply for IPM course. The IPMAT Application process starts is March. The key to crack IPMAT lies in knowing the IPMAT Exam Pattern. Both IPMAT exams have 100 questions to be attempted in 2 hours. Both IPMAT exams have different weightages for each section.

    How to crack IPMAT: IPM 2021 Insights

    The key to cracking any exam lies in- knowing the paper pattern, syllabus for the paper and the right strategy for attempting the paper. Knowing these three parameters will help you clear the IPMAT cut-off and secure a seat in your dream IPM college. IPM 2020 Insights by CL Gurus include covering basics of class 6 to class 12 Maths and English, solving IPM Previous Year Papers and enrolling in a trusted and a reputed IPMAT Test Series for best IPMAT Sample papers and solutions.

    IPMAT Previous Year Paper Analysis

    While preparing for PMAT is it important to know what the IPMAT previous year papers were like. In depth analysis and understanding of the IPMAT Paper Pattern, types of IPMAT questions asked in previous years and suggestions by experts will help you lay down an ideal strategy for your IPMAT 2020 entrance exam.