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How the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR will help your CAT Preparation

Each student is different and due to this we realized that offering a blanket solution would not solve the problem. In order to cater to every student, we decided to increase our portfolio of products so that we can cater as many different groups of students as possible. This thought process is what helped us become arguably the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR.

CAT Online Coaching

Part of our portfolio of products is the CAT Online Coaching product which has several different variants. It can be used by candidates who are focusing on CAT alone or on all MBA Entrance Exams. These products contain a bouquet of features which will prove useful for the candidates. It consists of a combination of live online classes as well as recorded sessions. There are mock tests which will help develop your exam taking strategy along with practice questions to clear your concepts. E-books are made available to ensure that you have understood the concept rather than simply learning the method of solving the questions.

The NMAT is another extremely popular MBA Entrance Exams and has a very different feel to it compared to the CAT. To cater to students who wish to clear the NMAT Exam, Career Launcher has developed products which would allow the candidate to sail through the NMAT Exam with flying colors. There are two basic variants of the NMAT Product that the candidates can choose from: the NMAT Night Classes Comprehensive and the NMAT Night Classes.

The CAT and the IIFT Exams are generally held were close together due to which candidates looking to excel at both the exams may get slightly muddled up. In order to prevent this from happening, Career Launcher introduced the CAT-IIFT Workshop, where the candidates will be taken through all of the major concepts and question types which will be tested in the Entrance Exams. It also includes materials for preparation in the form of mocks as well as practice questions (section-wise and topic-wise).

Having already talked about the sectional variants, another group that we wanted to cater to was candidates who did not wish to prepare for CAT but for other MBA Entrance Exams. While most MBA aspirants are desperate to clear the CAT Exams, there are some who want to get into more niche areas and hence would rather prepare for MBA Entrance Exams which are accepted by their dream colleges. To fulfill the requirements of these candidates, we started the non-CAT Night Classes.

These are just a few examples of the lengths that we go to so that each candidate achieves their dreams. Another variation that has been greatly appreciated by candidates is the CAT Day Classes – These are the best means of preparation for candidates who have a different schedule and find themselves free during the morning or are in a different time zone and give all the benefits of the CAT Night Classes.

CAT Classroom Coaching

While CAT Online Coaching is certainly growing fast, there are some candidates who wish to pursue their CAT Preparation in the classroom itself. Any coaching class which forgoes this requirement cannot be called the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR and we certainly have not.

Career Launcher has a booming repertoire of CAT Classroom Coaching programs to ensure that you are as prepared as possible on the day of the exam. There is the MBA Classic Program which can be held on a weekday or a weekend depending on the course that you opt for. These programs consists of the classroom sessions held over the course of 10 months to a  year as well as physical books and materials that you should use to clear your concept and practice topics to the point of perfection. While the features will help the candidate develop proficiency over the topics, it is only mock tests and sectional tests which will help the candidate develop their exam strategy.

The MBA Classic Program is also very versatile and has been modified to cater to the different needs of the candidates. For some people, they might be extremely clear on what they wish to do post the MBA. For these types of individuals who wish to pursue finance, Career Launcher has launched a MBA Classic + FRM program which allows the candidates to get a head start right off the blocks. It is this type of focus on the students that makes Career Launcher the ideal choice as the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR for most candidates.

Another segment of candidates that we cater to are college students. These candidates usually have a lot of stress during the time of the CAT exam due to their placement season. Career Launcher decided to help these candidates as well by including a campus placement training module along with the CAT Preparation in the MBA Classic + Placement Program.

There are two other products which are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The CAT Sprint and MBA Extended Programs cater to very different audiences. The CAT Sprint is basically a crash course which can help you crack the code of the CAT Exam in 3 months while the MBA Extended Program is a more leisurely program. It extends over a period of 15-22 months and is ideal for college students who want to prepare for CAT from their penultimate year. Another program similar to the CAT Sprint program is the MBA Express batch which has a slightly longer time frame in terms of CAT Preparation namely 4-6 months.

Similar to the CAT Online Coaching, the CAT Classroom Coaching programs of Career Launcher has several combinations for different categories of students with the few distinctions apart from the aforementioned programs are:

  • MBA + PDP Residential – This program has been designed for candidates who wish to focus only on their CAT Preparation. The program takes care of all the accommodation and food related requirements of the candidate leaving them free to pursue their preparation with a single minded dedication.
  • Pegasus Gallop – This program has been developed keeping in mind CAT Re-takers who want some classroom coaching and personal attention prior to the exams. It ensures that the candidates receive personal mentorship and support.

These are some of the innovative Classroom Coaching programs that Career Launcher has developed which make it one of the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR.

CAT Coaching Accessories

It is not just the CAT Coaching programs in Delhi NCR which will help the candidate succeed in CAT but also support in terms of quality accessories to learning. Some of the best accessories and support that one can wish for as a candidate is provided by Career Launcher.

  • Books and Materials – Career Launcher has developed a set of well curated books and videos that will help you with your concepts and give you tricks that you can use to gain that extra minute or 30 seconds which can be invaluable during the exam. It also includes 24x7 support for any doubts that the candidate may have about the material. Apart from the CAT Preparation material, Career Launcher also provides material on Banking and Economics which may be of benefit for candidates who are looking for finance roles or applying to colleges where finance is the strongest discipline. SNAP is another exam which is extremely popular and the candidates need to contend with an additional section of General Knowledge compared to CAT. To help candidates in this section, Career Launcher launches the SNAP GK Compendium which will allow the candidates better attempt the section.
  • Test Series – Another reason for Career Launcher’s success and acknowledgement as arguably the best CAT Coaching in Delhi NCR is the Career Launcher test series. The CAT Test Series are considered to be closest to the actual CAT Exam which has helped several candidates over the years. It also includes some non-CAT mocks to ensure that the candidate have a good chance at all the MBA Entrance Exams. If there is a paucity of time candidates can go for the mini-CAT test series where a shortened list of the best CAT mocks will be made available to the candidates. Candidates can buy a NMAT Mock Test Series to get their exam season off to a flying start. Finally the candidates have an option of simply practicing some of the best questions to clear their concepts through the Test Gym. With the recent focus on sectional variants, the products on test gym for VARC, DILR and QA also available to candidates who want to focus on a particular section.
  • PDP – The MBA Entrance Exams is simply the start of the long process before candidates can achieve their dream of getting into the B-School of their dreams. So, Career Launcher tries to give candidates every chance of achieving their dream through Career Launcher’s PDP program. 

6 Reasons why you should choose CL CAT Classes

Comprehensive program

Designed to help you perform: Best-rated CAT Test Series, topic tests, artificial intelligence-based CAT percentile predictor, PI and GD practice, exhaustive materials, etc.

Live and Interactive Classes

Mentored by our expert MBA faculty throughout your CAT journey.

Best faculty team

Standardized classroom delivery all over the country with rigorously trained faculty members to always explain, encourage and inspire.

Most trusted results

CL's actions definitely speaks louder than voice: 25,764 IIM Calls in CAT 2017, 474 calls in IIM-A, 335 calls in IIM-B, and 454 calls in IIM-C in CAT 2018.

Personalized Mentoring

CL classes are performance focused: Mentor-to-student guidance all the way to the dream school.

Powered by best-rated CAT Test Series

CL Test-Series is rated as the closest replica of the actual exam by CAT takers. Fuel your preparation with the best tools like Drill-Down Analysis, Time-Wasted Analysis, & many more.

About CL CAT Coaching

Career Launcher has been conducting coaching programs for CAT and other MBA entrance exams since 1995. Ever specialized in grooming CAT aspirants to get into top B-schools, Career Launcher has successfully marked its stand.

The practice of dual benefit, i.e., coaching for CAT and other MBA entrance exams, is what benefits students the most. Entrance exams like XAT, IIFT, TISSNET, SNAP, and more, are covered. Dedicated to strengthening the over-all skill set, students receive personalized support from CL right from the start till the interviews. With brilliant results year after year, Career Launcher is renowned as one of the finest in the industry.

Career Launcher provides both online and offline CAT coaching classers. While this is designed to nurse the different requirement of students, both modes are equally complete, intensive, packaged comprehensively.

  • Offline classes allow students to follow a schedule with a structured course. Students get the benefit of clearing doubts instantly with the lecturer. Offline classes are best suited for individuals who have the time and dedication to learn as full-time student.
  • Online classes altogether a different experience. Timings are flexible, and students can avail it from anywhere around the world. Working professionals and individuals who prefer learning within the comfort of their home generally opt for the online mode of learning. This enables comfortable/ convenient learning and saves money as well.

The CAT Online Classes are offered in two variants: CAT Day Classes and CAT Night Classes.

CAT Day Classes

Timings Available at center Available at home
7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
9:30 AM -11:30 AM
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

CAT Night Classes

Timings Available at center Available at home
9:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Commonly asked questions

For whom is the program most ideal for?

CL CAT coaching is suitable for every MBA aspirant. Because our program is designed to cover not only CAT but other entrance exams like TISSNET, XAT, SNAP etc., anyone aspiring to get into top business schools can take it.

Are live classes for both online and offline?

Live classes are for online classes. Conducted by our expert MBA faculty, it is streamed live on Students can have live interaction and clear doubts. Offline classes on the other hand are traditional classroom-teaching system.

When should I start preparing for MBA entrance exams?

The sooner you begin, the better it is for you. Ideally, 10-12 months is a good preparation window for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. However, in the end it comes down to your dedication and decision.

Will I get practice questions after each session?

Our students are provided with class-worksheets, which comprise questions to be solved in the class and those to be solved at home. Every student is expected to solve the entire worksheet before the next session.

What is the duration of the Online Classes?

Number of sessions depends on the time between the commencement of the batch and CAT date. The classes are held thrice a week (One class per section every week) and each session is for 2 hours.

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