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How the CAT Test Series can help your Preparation

There are several reasons why Career Launcher’s CAT & Non-CAT Test series
could prove to be the push that you require to take your CAT Preparation and Result to the next level.

Data Driven Performance Insights

AI-Driven Performance Insights

Our extensive experience and data allows us to derive insights about your performance that can help you improve your scores in the areas that matter and maximize your score in the CAT Exam.

Simulated CAT Experience

Simulated CAT Experience

Career Launcher’s CAT Test Series mock interface replicates the actual CAT Exam which helps in reducing the intimidation factor of the exam and ensures maximum efficiency

CAT Score Booster

Adaptive Test Gym

Use test gym to work on your weaknesses and cement your strength by attempting questions of different difficulty levels so that you are not surprised in the CAT Exam

Video Attempt for Mocks

Video Attempt for Mocks

Each proctored mock of the CAT Test Series will be accompanied by a video attempt of the mock by one of our CL Mentors which can help you narrow down on the ideal exam strategy.

Attempt over 65 Mocks

Attempt over 65 Mocks

While quality matters more than quantity, you do not need to worry about either with Career Launcher’s CAT Test Series including over 30 CAT Mocks and over 35 non-CAT Mocks.

CAT Percentile Predictor

AI-Driven CAT Percentile Predictor

Once you have taken a threshold number of mocks, the AI-Driven Percentile Predictor will be activated which can help you understand how your performance is likely to translate in the actual CAT Exam

Know Your CAT Gurus

Gautam Puri (GP)

IIM Bangalore

Known for his wit and style, GP makes the big CAT easy to trap. From poor grades in school to India's leading Aptitude Guru, GP sure knows how to make things turn around. Watch him, follow him and learn from him, for, he has all the golden rules you would need to bell the CAT.

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Gejo Sreenivasan (Gejo)

IIM Calcutta

There is no CAT question that Gejo can't solve and every class with him is power-packed with superb learning, interesting facts, jokes and a lot of positive energy. He keeps the interest of students rolling by presenting the topic through interesting angles. His classes are sure to leave you dazzled.

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Shiva Kumar (Shivku)

IIM Calcutta

Highly popular among students for his enthusiasm and tutoring approach, Shivku is widely regarded as the brain behind the "CL way" of cracking exams. Thousands of students continue to owe their success in part to Shivku's personal touch.

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ARKS Srinivas(ARKS)

IIM Calcutta

Arks, an alumnus of IIM Calcutta, is a legendary teacher and a great motivator who has successfully mentored thousands of students to succeed. He has been associated with the education domain for close to 20 years.

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How to utilize CAT Test Series to crack the CAT Exam

CAT Mock Tests and Test Series are an integral part of the CAT Preparation process. Keeping this in mind, we dug deeper to see how an aspirant becomes a topper. There are 3 factors that have been delved into based on data collected over the past year:

When should you start attempting CAT Mocks?

70% of the toppers start attempting their CAT Mocks in the months of April, May and June which allows them sufficient time to correct their shortcomings and polish their strengths

When should you be attempting the mocks?

While the number of CAT Mocks that you attempt is certainly a factor to consider, it is important to schedule your Mock Attempts as well so that you can keep track of your progress every once in a while. Toppers tend to attempt their mocks in April, May and June while others tend to focus on the September, October and November months to compensate.

How many mocks should you attempt?

While it may seem intuitive that CAT toppers attempt more mocks than aspirants with a lower percentile having a number to target is always a good way to maintain your schedule. This is exactly what is indicated in the chart below:

Analysis tools available with CL’s CAT Test Series

One of the most significant ways in which a CAT Test Series can help you improve your performance is through an in-depth analysis of the CAT Mock test. Career Launcher’s CAT Test Series offers several different types of tools that you can utilize to analyze your performance in the CAT Mock Tests. This analysis would allow you to improve your performance such that your probability of success in the CAT Exam would improve drastically.

Overall Performance Analysis

Get a comparative section wise analysis and overall analysis for each mock that you take. Percentile predictor tells you where you stand compared to over a lakh students who have written mocks of similar level of difficulty over the years and cracked CAT.

Booster Analysis

Get your personalized report on the type of questions you should attempt based on your strengths & weaknesses. Know the impact of mistakes you made in your mocks and what you could have scored had you not made the mistakes.

Drill Down Analysis

Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of each mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock

Read what our students have to say about Test Series

I had joined CL test series for CAT preparation. The online UI was very interactive and was constantly updated. The feature that makes CL student portal distinct from others (yes, I tried others too) is that as the number of test takers increase over the months, they keep updating your percentile score. Even though this does not give the exact preparedness level of your competition, this is, without doubt, the best and accurate tool available in the market at present. Others leave out a major portion of competition (those who did not write the test during the window) or their evaluation is overtly extrapolated. In my opinion, CL test series gives a very close look at your current performance and points out your weaknesses.

Manish Gautam
Converted IIM - A,B,C

I decided to take mock tests from career launcher because I had heard from my seniors that the variety and ethos of the paper was very similar to CAT. And I was not wrong, the paper simulated exactly what the CAT paper was like plus they also had mock tests for IIFT. The mock tests from CL went a long way in helping me identify and scrutinise my weaknesses and strengths and the interface of CL is a joy to behold for any serious aspirant.

Shivam Sahu
Converted IIFT - DELHI

The mock series was the closest to CAT. The analysis helped me in identifying my areas of improvement. Shivku Sir 's guidance helped me in my personal communication and understanding the know- whys of the interview.

Gargi Mahato
Converted IIM L

How to Make the Most of Career Launcher's CAT Test Series?

Not sure how can CL's CAT test series help you in landing at the B-school of your dreams? Let us give you an exact picture of how can the CAT Test Series be your key for ultimate success in CAT and other exams.


Take your first mock on Day 1

Do not wait for your syllabus to end before you start taking your mocks. Take your first mock as soon as you enroll so that you have a clear idea of where you stand on Day 1.


Take mocks in your actual CAT slot

Once your CAT admit card is out, you will know what will be your slot for the actual CAT exam. All the mocks, henceforth, should be taken at the same time.


Attempt proctored mocks within exam window

All the proctored mocks have exam windows of 8-10 days and it is advisable for you to take the mocks within the window.


Analyse each and every mock

This is the single most important point that will make all the difference is that always ensure that you spend at least 6 hours analyzing each mock

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