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What goes behind creating the CAT Test Series closest to the actual exam?


About CAT Test Series

CL's CAT Test Series is considered to be the closest to the actual CAT paper. Both CAT and Non-CAT Test Series provide sufficient number of practice tests for each exam. The test series comes along with Test Gym that offers over 7,500 practice questions that are segregated topic-wise. Every CL student is equipped with online preparation resources as part of our Aspiration.ai Account, which includes Test Gym, Word of the Day, GK Updates and other helpful educational features across other Entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, RBI- Grade B, SSC etc

Each of the questions in our CAT Mock Test Series are handpicked by CL mentors and regularly updated as per the exam pattern. They come along with data-driven performance insights provided by powerful tools like Overall Performance Analysis, Drill-Down Analysis, Time-Wasted Analysis, CAT Percentile Predictor, CAT Score Booster, and IIM Profilizer. Students are advised to make the most of the insights made available by these tools to improve their performance and develop a highly-effective exam strategy.   


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How to Make the Most of Career Launcher's CAT Test Series?

Not sure how can CL's CAT test series help you in landing at the B-school of your dreams? Let us give you an exact picture of how can the CAT Test Series be your key for ultimate success in CAT and other exams.


Take your first mock on Day 1

Do not wait for your syllabus to end before you start taking your mocks. Take your first mock as soon as you enroll so that you have a clear idea of where you stand on Day 1.


Always take all the mocks within their exam window

All the proctored mocks have exam windows of 8-10 days and it is advisable for you to take the mocks within the window. Each mock is designed to give you a meaningful experience in your preparation journey, and therefore you should take them regularly.


Post October, take the mocks at the same time as your actual CAT window

Once your CAT admit card is out, you will know what will be your slot for the actual CAT exam. All the mocks, henceforth, should be taken at the same time as your actual CAT exam.


Analyse each and every mock

This is the single most important point that will make all the difference in your preparation with the CAT Test Series. Always ensure that you spend at least 5 hours after each 3-hour mock that you attempt.

How to Analyse Career Launcher's CAT Mocks?

In order to make the most out of each mock that you take, make sure that you spend at least 5 hours after every 3-hour CAT mock. Here, we give you the toppers' method of analyzing a CAT mock.


Understand the solutions of the questions you couldn't solve

A great amount of learning happens while analyzing the mocks. Check the solutions to understand how to solve the questions that you were not able to solve during the mock. This will help you learn those concepts and will put you in good stead.


Find faster ways of solving the questions you got correct

Always look for faster ways of solving questions by watching the CL Guru's ways of solving the mock in their Mock Attempt videos. Most students don’t revisit the questions which they were able to solve in the exam. This is one of the biggest reasons why they find themselves stuck at the same percentile which they got in the last mock.


Fill up your Strength Finder

CL's Strength Finder is a tool where you should key in whether a given topic is a strength or an area of improvement. Basis this matrix, our AI-driven engine analyses your mocks and suggests in our CAT Score Booster tool that what should be your strategy for selecting questions in a mock.


Analyze the mocks using the CAT Score Booster

CAT Score Booster is CL's AI-driven tool that helps you understand after a mock that which questions should have been attempted, which questions you should not have attempted, in which questions did you waste your time etc. This gives you a lot of clarity about which questions you should go after in the mocks.


Try different strategies before you find the best one

After having attempted the first few mocks, do try out different strategies. Different CL Gurus attempt the mocks in really different ways. That is why watching each of the Mock Attempt Videos will give you a different strategy which you should try in your mocks and then finalize on one.

My Mock Analysis

A mock test remains incomplete without comprehensive and efficient analysis. Our Non- CAT Test series Mock analysis makes use of powerful tools like Overall Performance Analysis, Personalised analysis to boost your preparation, Time-Wasted Analysis, and a Drill-Down Analysis to prepare you well for upcoming mocks.

Overall Performance Analysis

Get a comparative section wise analysis and overall analysis for each mock that you take. Percentile predictor tells you where you stand compared to over a lakh students who have written mocks of similar level of difficulty over the years and cracked CAT.

Booster Analysis

Get your personalized report on the type of questions you should attempt based on your strengths & weaknesses. Know the impact of mistakes you made in your mocks and what you could have scored had you not made the mistakes.

Drill Down Analysis

Experience a detailed breakdown analysis of each mock. Know the topics that you are performing well in by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each topic, for a mock

CAT'18 Achievers Speak

The mock tests resemble most to the actual CAT - Vaibhav

The overall structure of the mocks was very much close to the CAT exam itself. - Happy

In totality, I feel that the mocks were closest to CAT. - Harshita

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Commonly asked questions

How can I make the most of the CAT Mock Test Series?

Once you’ve covered your basics, you should begin with attempting one mock every week. It should be followed with a comprehensive analysis of your performance in the CAT mock. To this end, we have created multiple analytical tools that provide you with data-driven insights. Some of these tools are:

  • Overall Performance Analysis
  • Drill-Down Analysis
  • Time-Wasted Analysis
  • CAT Percentile Predictor
  • CAT Score Booster

Once you’ve used these tools to generate your detailed performance report, you should spend adequate time to understand the insights. They will help you identify and improve your strong and weak areas, and help develop a personalized and highly-effective test-taking strategy.

What is a proctored mock test?

We offer 15 proctored CAT mocks which can be taken at your nearest CL center. The aim of the proctored CAT mocks is to provide a simulated environment closest to the actual exam. Each proctored mock has an open window of 7-10 days during which you can book your seat. After the window is closed, the proctored mock is converted to an unproctored one which you can then attempt from the comfort of your home.

What is an unproctored mock test?

We offer 5 un-proctored CAT mocks which you attempt online any time. If you miss the window of a proctored mock, it gets converted into an unproctored mock test, which you can attempt at a time and place of your convenience.

What is the Master Series?

Master Series include videos of 10 mock attempts recorded by CL mentors including Gautam Puri, Gejo, Shivku, Gautam Bawa, etc. In these videos, our aptitude gurus elaborate varied strategies and tactics for each section and how you should go about it to maximize your scores.

What are data-driven performance insights?

Analytics is at the core of your performance report card at CL. We’ve been consistently creating new AI-powered tools to enable detailed, personalized insights about your performance in mocks and how you stand compared to the competition. All the insights you could possibly need - from the measure of your preparation at the overall, sectional, and topical levels to what score you need to get a call from your dream B-school - are made available so you can understand them and work towards improving your performance.

What is CAT Score Booster?

CAT Score Booster is a dynamic tool which asks you to identify your strong and weak areas before attempting a mock test and shares your exact scores with detailed insights after you have completed it. This helps you measure your level of preparation better. You can update your strong and weak areas every 15 days and get an accurate analysis upon completion of each successive mock.

What is the difference between Overall Performance Analysis and Drill-Down Analysis?

The Overall Performance Analysis report card provides a comparative section-wise analysis and overall analysis of each attempted mock. It shares a comprehensive graphical report card which you are advised to peruse after each mock to improve your performance in the next one.
The Drill-Down Analysis report shares a detailed breakdown analysis of each attempted mock. You can know how well you are performing in each topic by analyzing the correct and incorrect attempts in each mock test.

What is the difference between IIM Profilizer and CAT Percentile Predictor?

IIM Profilizer is our innovative call-predictor tool which compiles the complex selection criteria of all IIMs, matches it with your precise academic and profile details, and tells you exactly how much percentile you need to score to get shortlisted by your dream IIM.

CAT Percentile Predictor compiles your performance in the last 3 attempted mocks and tells you where you stand compared to over a lakh students who have written mocks of similar level of difficulty over the years and cracked CAT. This tool can also be used after you’ve attempted CAT to accurately predict your percentile based on your answers.

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