Cell Structure and Functions-MCQ

Cell Structure and Functions
1.  The power house of cell is called
       a)  Cell wall
       b)  Mitochondria
       c)  Ribosomes
       d)  Nucleus
2.  The kitchen of the cell is called
       a)  Cell wall
       b)  Nucleus
       c)  Vacuoles
       d)  Plastids
3.  The functional unit of life is called
       a)  Cell
       b)  Egg
       c)  Nucleus
       d)  None of these
4.  Chloroplast is found in
       a)  Plant cell only
       b)  Animal cell only
       c)  Both of these
       d)  None of these
5.  The control unit of cell is
       a)  Nucleus
       b)  Cell wall
       c)  Cytoplasm
       d)  All of these
6.  Single celled organisms are called
       a)  Unicellular
       b)  Multi-cellular
       c)  Both of these
       d)  None of these
7.  Tissue is a
       a)  Group of organs
       b)  Group of cells
       c)  Group of tissues
       d)  Group of organisms
8.  Cell is discovered by
       a)  Robert Brown
       b)  Robert Hooke
       c)  John Mendal
       d)  Charse Darwin
9.  The calls capable of changing shapes are
       a)  Amoeba cell
       b)  WBC
       c)  Both of these
       d)  None of these
10.  Hen’s egg is a
       a)  Tissue
       b)  Organ
       c)  Organ system
       d)  cell
      1. b
      2. d
      3. a
      4. a
      5. a
      6. a
      7. b
      8. b
      9. c
      10. d