Coal and Petroleum-MCQ

1.   Water is a ________
        a. Natural substance
        b. Man made substance
        c. Both of these
        d. None of these
2.   When coal burns in air then
        a. Carbon dioxide is formed
        b. Sulphur dioxide is formed
        c. Carbon monoxide is formed
        d. Hydrogen gas is formed
3.   Purest form of carbon is
        a. Coal
        b. Charcoal
        c. Coke
        d. All of these
4.   Coaltar contains about
        a. 300 substance
        b. 400 substance
        c. 200 substance
        d. 100 substance
5.   The first oil well was drilled in
        a. USA
        b. USSR
        c. UK
        d. India
6.   PCRA stands for
        a. Public Conservations Research Association
        b. Petroleum Conservation Research Association
        c. Public Council of Research Association
        d. Partial Counting of remaining Amendment
7.   An example of fossil fuel is
        a. Wood
        b. Animal waste
        c. Coal
        d. All of these
8.   Which of the following is natural resource?
        a. Car
        b. Bus
        c. Water
        d. Parks
9.   Which of the following is manmade resource?
        a. Air
        b. Water
        c. Soil
        d. Parks
10.   Which of the following is obtained from coal tar ?
        a. Petrol
        b. Coke
        c. Air
        d. Naphthalene balls
1.     A
2.     A
3.     C
4.     C
5.     A
6.     B
7.     C
8.     C
9.     D
10.   D