Crop Production and Management-MCQ

Choose the correct option:
1.  Watering the crops is called:
      (a)   sowing
(b)   manuring
(c)   tilling
(d)   irrigation
2.  Weeds are the:
      (a)   main crop plants
(b)   insects and pests
(c)   unwanted plants growing along the crop
(d)   chemical substances
3.  Combines are used for:
      (a)   sowing of seeds
(b)   harvesting the crops
      (c)   threshing
(d)   harvesting and threshing both.
4.  Separating grains from chaff is called:
      (a)   winnowing
(b)   threshing
(c)   fallow
(d)   harvesting.
5.  Weedicides are used to destroy:
      (a)   insects
(b)   weeds
(c)   pests
(d)   none of these.
6.  Kharif crops are sown in
      (a)   March, April
(b)   May, June
(c)   October, November
(d)   Any time.
7.  Wheat and gram belong to
      (a)   Rabi crops
(b)   Kharif crops
(c)   Both of these
(d)   None of these.
8.  Examples of kharif crops are
      (a)   Wheat and maize
(b)   Gram and maize
(c)   Paddy and maize
(d)   All of these.
9.  2-4D is a
      (a)   Pesticides
(b)   Insecticides
(c)   Fungicides
(d)   Weedicides.
10.  Seed drill is used to
         (a)   sow the seeds
(b)   remove the weeds
(c)   remove the pest
(d)   mix manure in the soil.