Some Natural Phenomena-MCQ

Some Natural Phenomenon

1.  Name the resin which produces spark is
        a. Gum
        b. Amber
        c. Both a and b
        d. None of these
2.  The like charges
        a. Repel each other
        b. Attract each other
        c. No interaction takes place
        d. All of these
3.  The shaking of earth is called
        a. Tsunami
        b. Volcano
        c. Earthquake
        d. All of these
4.  Lightening occurs due to
        a. Electric discharge
        b. Rain
        c. Wind
        d. Lord Varun�s anger
5.  Interaction of charges is called
        a. Lightening
        b. Electrical discharge
        c. Earthing
        d. Electricity
6.  Sparkers can be seen on electric pole. Which wires become
        a. Loose
        b. Tight
        c. Wrinkle
        d. None
7.  Benjamen Franklin showed lightening in
        a. 1725
        b. 1527
        c. 1752
        d. 1572
8.  The charge acquired by a glass rod when it is rubbed with silk is
        a. Negative
        b. Positive
        c. Both
        d. None
1.    B
2.    A
3.    C
4.    A
5.    A
6.    A
7.    C
8.    B