Synthetic Fibres and Plastics-Sample Papers

MM- 30
Time- 45 Minutes
1.  How do we get polycot? (1)
2.  Why is it advisable to not wear synthetic clothes while cooking? (1)
3.  Why does rayon smell like burning paper; although it is a synthetic fiber? (1)
4.  Why plastic does not rust like iron? (2)
5.  Why is it not advisable to burn plastic and synthetic fibers? (2)
6.  Distinguish between Thermosetting plastics and Thermoplastic Plastic? (2)
7.  Write differences between PVC (polyvinylchloride) and Bakelite. (3)
8.  Write an activity to show synthetic fibers is stronger than cotton fibers. (3)
9.  What are synthetic fibres and mention the importance of synthetic polymers in our life (5)
10.  Why plastic can be molded into any shape and size and why is it advised to avoid the use of plastics as far as possible, also suggest some methods to limit its consumption (5)
11.  Give one word (5)
  Synthetic fibre
  Source of rayon
  Material similar to silk in appearance
  Chemical name for cotton
  A polymer is a chain of many small units joined together which are called?