How should I start my preparation for CLAT 2020

Most of you would be in class 12th now, which happens to be crucial phase in your life. With new learning being the order of the day, the all important Board Exams are to be worked for. This is precisely the reason why 12th happens to be one of the defining moments in students life. Now if you have chosen to pursue a career in law, then preparation for CLAT and other Law entrance is also to be balanced with the Board preparations. Results in both Boards as well as competitive exams largely depends on how well can you balance both the exams. Time management is of paramount importance. Consistency is the key word whether it is the Boards or CLAT. Head – start. Starting early will definitely give you a clear edge vis-a-vis your peers. If you have decided on taking the CLAT after your 12th, start with your preparations at the earliest. Your goal should be to finish the CLAT syllabus by October – November. Summer vacations are the right time to take giant leap in your preparations. Don’t lose focus While starting early definitely has its own advantage, there is a possibility of losing focus mid-way. Make sure that you stay focussed and peak at the right time. Don’t let distractions come in your way of preparation. Remember time management is not restricted to those two or three hours of time when you write the paper, but is true in all spheres of life. Chill, relax, enjoy but don’t lose focus at any cost. Plan and stick to your plan. We, most of the time, are good at planning. But a good plan becomes futile if the execution/ implementation is not apt. Once you have decided upon taking the CLAT exam, prepare a plan keeping in mind time required for your Boards as well. As mentioned earlier, get a head – start during summer vacations. Try to complete your syllabus till October – November. Two to three hours on a daily basis should suffice your purpose. From December onwards slowly shift your focus to Board Exams. During the months of January, February and March it should be Boards on high priority however keep a track of GK/ GA. Don’t skip on these areas. Continue with reading topics on current affairs. Remember to have a realistic plan & be judicious. Mocks: Writing mocks is very important. Take regular mocks. And do thorough analysis else you will end up repeating the same errors again and again. Remember the objective of taking mocks is to ensure continual learning. Also mocks help you in benchmarking your performance with respect to your peers. Identify your strengths and weakness. Play according to your strengths and gradually eliminate your weaknesses.