Is it possible to crack CLAT through self study?

CLAT or for that matter any competitive exam tests you in terms of your ability to apply concepts learnt in your school days. Application of concepts, within the given time constraint and negative marking, is always going to be a challenge if you are preparing on your own. I am not saying it is not possible but yes, appears difficult. In CLAT you are required to attempt 200 questions in 120 minutes. This works out to less than 02 minutes per question. Hope you understand what I am trying to tell. 50000 odd students appear for 2500 odd seats in NLU’s. You need to have a mentor to guide you in your preparations for an exam like CLAT. I would recommend you to join Career Launcher. They have some of the best Faculty to address all your doubts and queries. Also the study material provided is comprehensive and covers each and every aspect of CLAT exam. The online access through Aspiration AI has variety of material to refer to. You can take All India Test Series on this platform with detailed analysis. GK updates and quizzes are worth reading. Test gym has over 5000 questions to practice with.