Ayandrila's IIM Rohtak interview experience

My IIM Rohtak Interview experience: (My background- 10th-95%, 12th- 90.6%, Graduation( I am a final year B.A. Economics Student)- 87%) Our WAT topic was"There is no better service than the service towards the nation" ( 20 minutes were given for the same) Interview: There were 2 male panelists. Let's call them M1 and M2. M1: How do you pronounce your name? A: I was kind of expecting this question. Told them the correct pronunciation. M2: So Ayandrila, introduce yourself. A: Started with my answer, but was cut short in between. (Meanwhile M1 viewed my file) M2: No, tell me who you are. Tell me about your qualities. A: Told him I am a sincere, confident, and consistent person. I am quite easy-going and like to talk. M1: So, you have studied Economics right? Draw the consumer surplus and producer surplus. A: I could easily draw the consumer surplus graph, but got a little stuck in the producer surplus one. M1: No problem. Draw the Marginal Utlity curve. A: Drew that. (But he kept on asking me whether I was sure that is the correct graph) ( PS.- I knew it was correct, though after repeated asking I got a little nervous and started doubting the graph, but I stuck to it. Nevertheless, I checked it once after the interview, and it was correct!) M1: Okay tell me what Marginal Utility is and state its assumptions. A: I remembered this, and hence, had no problem in answering this question. M2: As we know, India is trying to achieve a 5 trillion dollar economy. If you were the finance minister of the country, what would you do to facilitate the process? (Gave me 30 seconds time to think) A: Told him about the current economic slowdown that we are facing. I stated that we would have to increase the private consumption by increasing the money held in the hands of the public and also will have to reduce corporate taxes. The government will also have to look towards public spending to boost liquidity. M1: How will government get the money to spend? A: The government can undertake progressive taxation- where you tax more the rich, and we can also expand our fiscal deficit. M1: (looked dissatisfied with the answer and stated that he disagreed with me) M2: Shall we ask you a maths question? A: Yes sir. M2: There are 3 chocolates on the table, 2 orange and 1 Blue. If I pick 2 chocolates at random, what is the probability that one would be orange and the other one would be blue? A: Told him the answer. M1: Who is the current Union Minister of Science and Technology? A: Couldn't remember the name. Told him so. M1: Who is the current Union Minister of commerce and industry? A: Shri Piyush Goyal sir. M2: Who is the governor of Maharashtra? A: Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari M2: What is global warming? A: Told him in general about the rise in global temperature and about the greenhouse gases. M1: Can you write the chemical formula of CFC? A: Sorry sir. I am not aware of it. M2: What is game theory? (PS. I had done a course on Game theory) A: Told him about it. Also gave an example. M1: What is pure strategy and mixed strategy? A: Answered him, but he again seemed dissatisfied with it. M2: Okay thank you so much Ayandrila. You may pick a chocolate. A: Thank you sir. (The interview lasted for 15-20 minutes and was kind of a stress interview. I was taught to stay calm, maintain my composure and always have a smile on my face in such situations and I exactly did so.)