Importance of balanced preparation for CAT

QA forms one third of the exam; hence, in trying hard to boost scores in QA at the
expense of other sections, students may end up losing more than what
they try to gain in a single section. 
Over the years, CAT LRDI has changed considerably - firstly the question sets have become more logic oriented and secondly the complexity of sets has moved up a few notches. It is this section which can catch even the brightest students off guard. This is because, unlike Quant, there are no clearly demarcated concepts on which LRDI sets are
based. LRDI tests one on sound reasoning skills, ability to assimilate data and do number crunching through complex data sets. The best way to prepare for this section is by practicing a variety of questions and honing your calculation skill. To this end, Topic Tests & Section Tests in your online account are a good source as they contain a wide range of LRDI sets and students are advised to attempt them on a regular basis. Attempt them as test first and later attempt all the questions and take the help of solutions and faculty if required.
Quite often, students make the mistake of underestimating the practice needed to do well in Verbal Ability section which can prove costly in the exam. At this point of preparation, you must ensure that you are reading on a regular basis. You should try to read as much online as possible across genres. Remember that a good reading habit will greatly enhance your prospects in English section. Regular online reading has to be supplemented with online Topic Tests and Section Tests. If these activities are pursued seriously, then one must be able to reach the first milestone of 90%ile in mocks. In mocks, one must first try to
score at least 90 percentile overall. Sectional cut offs will matter only for top B-schools which require in excess of 90 percentile overall. If you see your percentiles exceeding 90 in mocks, then you need to work on any weak areas that you may still have and try to maximize your score in each section.
At this stage, it is a good idea to make a weekly preparation plan and break it down into daily plans. This will help you set the best course of action in response to your performance analysis in mocks and pursue it.Many students work hard without having a clear sight on the direction in which their preparation is going and this often leads to slow progress.
Weekly plans will ensure you are making good utilization of time. At the end of the week, review your implementation and repeat the process. Finally, remember that champions are the ones who keep playing till they win.